April, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Crowdsource Microsoft downloads


    One of my home pages when I fire up IE each day is the Microsoft Download Centre filtered on the 30 most recent new downloads.

    You get a fair bit of dry stuff in here like links to EMEA case study resources (surprisingly high download rate) but you also get a heads up on cool stuff like Device Simulator for Windows SideShow and Live Search Maps for Outlook. I've been harvesting links from the site for a while and often ping them to my own team to blog about but it's becoming too much work so I decided to share it with the world and get others to help shine a light on the nuggets. I suspect people like Mary Jo Foley already know about this site as she's always up to date with the latest downloads but I wanted to share it with everyone.

    The site sort of has a crowdsourcing element to it already as you an filter on most popular downloads - predictably IE7 is at the top - but if the site had an API that allowed you to mash this stuff up and perhaps see most popular in the last 30 days or most popular for developers that would be very cool. Just a thought.

    In the meantime, check out the page if you're a follower of Microsoft stuff as I suspect you'll find some cool stuff you never knew was there.

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  • Steve Clayton

    Monster laptop case


    Almost inevitable that I'll need to get one of these for token Blue Monster value! Available from Barry's Farm

  • Steve Clayton

    PR unspun


    PR Unspun: Sounds like some kind of weird knitting event but it is in fact the latest in the Chinwag Live series being held tonight in London. I'll be heading along, fresh back from holiday this morning so likely snoozing in the corner. I'll be the Microsoft guy there (though I know there will also be a few gals from the Live team as they're sponsoring) so please be gentle with us. Microsoft doesn't get out much so be patient, we're coming to listen and learn :)

    See you there...oh and beware, I spent the holiday reading Seth Godin books and The Cluetrain Manifesto in full so am fully loaded with ammo!

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    Too good not to share

    source: Freddy

  • Steve Clayton

    My Brazil shirt



    Wildly off topic but it made me smile - check out what your shirt would be if you played for Brazil. I tried Tony Blair for a laugh...and it was!

    hat tip to Andrew Farrell of Research Creations

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