April, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Razer thin monitor


    Several years ago I bought a stunning Sony LCD screen. It was bleeding edge design at the time and I still have it as despite it's now miniscule size (15") I couldn't bare to part with something so beautiful. Geek chic.

    This week I noticed on Core77 the new Sony OLED display. Surely that counts as techno pornography? 3 millimeters thick. Size matters and it looks like soon we'll have laptops that we are truly bleeding edge as you'll be able to cut yourself on them.

    More images at Gizmodo and Engadget. These websites would be top shelf material if they were magazines.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Distracted, me?


    In a recent study, a group of Microsoft workers took, on average, 15 minutes to return to serious mental tasks, like writing reports or computer code, after responding to incoming e-mail or instant messages. They strayed off to reply to other messages or browse news, sports or entertainment Web sites.

    I never do any of that. EVER. Honest...

    This was from the New York Times last month and had been sat in my drafts along with

    "The productivity lost by overtaxed multitaskers cannot be measured precisely, but it is probably a lot. Jonathan B. Spira, chief analyst at Basex, a business-research firm, estimates the cost of interruptions to the American economy at nearly $650 billion a year…"

    Probably a lot. Oh say, I dunno...$650 billion. That's a pretty serious ballpark guess.

    Note to self: must stop multitasking.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Memo to the small business man


    Seth is so much more eloquent than I am as he posted his thoughts on how small businesses should get themselves on the web for $60 and reap the rewards. What do you have to lose - apart from $60? I'm very tempted to kick off some coffee shop meetings in the UK to help show people how to do this as I can tell enough small businesses how important it is. It's no longer a nice to have, it's essential.

    I posted something similar about small businesses using blogs a while back but read Seth - he's explained it much better.



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  • Steve Clayton

    London cabs go free


    Wanna travel in London for free? Keep your eyes peeled for 2007 Office branded cabs - I think this means 2007 Office System branded rather than 2007 unique cabs. As Darren notes on his blog

    For four weeks beginning April 10th, 7:30-9:30am Microsoft will offer free cab journeys within zones 1 & 2. Commuters need simply to look for the 2007 Office branded cabs, climb aboard and ease into their day. Once in the taxi they will be handed a postcard offering a free trial of 2007 Office. By following the provided link commuters can begin to experience the tools that will make each work day better.

    Anyone got a photo of one of these cabs??


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  • Steve Clayton

    10 things they didn't tell you about blogging


    I just came across this great post by Rajesh Setty via Squidoo. My favourite is the first one


    1. It's easy to start but hard to maintain.

    In fact, it is VERY hard to maintain. Since most bloggers are not depending on blogging for their living, it is walking an extra mile almost everyday. Plus, how do you motivate yourself to do something that does not have a short-term return?


    No kidding. I'm not in it for the revenue but sometimes I do wonder why I got so hooked on this gig...

    You should also go check out Rajesh's blog starter list. Plenty of stuff I learnt from it so hopefully you can too.



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