May, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Inspiration: on sale for $8


    A great friend of mine gave me this book about 6 years ago. I only just remembered how great it was and I guess I'm in need of inspiration so I'm off back to read it. If you haven't got it in your collection, you should. It's terrific and for £4/$8 you'd be hard pushed to get more inspiration that you can take anywhere with you.

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  • Steve Clayton

    The difference between Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding


    Perfect for a wannabe marketer like me :)

    Hat Tip to Ads of the World via Pronet

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    Windows Vista 30 day eval on VHD



    If you have a legit copy of Win Server 2003, XP or Vista you can now download a 30 day evaluation copy of Vista Enterprise in VHD format. This is really designed for large organizations who would typically be interested in buying this version of Vista but hey, if you wanna take a look what the big boys get to play with then check it out. More details on the download page where you can grab the bits in packages from 232mb to 1.6gb.  

    (A virtualization product that supports the VHD format is required to use this virtual machine. Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Virtual Server are provided for free and can be used with these VHD based virtual machines. Please refer to the Virtual Server 2005 R2 System requirements page here.)

    Source: Download details: Windows Vista

  • Steve Clayton

    The most dangerous man in Silicon Valley


    That's what Robert X Cringely called Steve Jobs in Accidental Empires. He called Gates the Demo God in the same book. Role reversal anyone?

    Wired says it's the Biggest Reunion Since Simon & Garfunkel but I'd prefer to go more local with Paul and John. Sadly the latter will never happen of course but seeing Steve and Bill (or is it Bill and Steve) on stage together this week as the D conference is a hot ticket - and not just with geeks. Regardless of their feuds and war of words over the years and even those naff Mac ads, these two guys have dominated the IT industry for 30 years. Frankly I'm interested in listening to one of them on stage but both together should be a real treat.

    Fake Steve is doing a great job of whipping up the crowd and it promises to be the ultimate showdown. The king of cool against the ubergeek. Wired set the scene nicely with some historic quotes:


    Gates on Jobs:

    "Do you really think Steve Jobs has got anything there? I know his technology, it's nothing but warmed-over Unix."Attributed in On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple, by Gil Amelio, 1998


    Jobs on Gates:

    "I am saddened, not by Microsoft's success -- I have no problem with their success. They've earned their success, for the most part. I have a problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products." -- Triumph of the Nerds, PBS documentary, 1996 (Ed. note: According to an Aug. 8, 1997 New York Times story, Jobs later called Gates to apologize for his comments in the film.)


    I think they've both matured somewhat since then and I actually think Bill will do pretty well in a Q&A format - he thinks fast on his feet and is actually a pretty funny guy. Steve is the master showman and I love his presentations. Can he make it work in Q&A? We shall see.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Literal Graffiti


    I met John Caswell through some consulting work at Microsoft. One of the guys (and girls) who just gets it. Each week he sends through a collection of cool quotes. A liked a lot of them this week so in no particular order of preference, here are a few.

    • “The Internet is not a wonderful new world. The internet just is a natural extension of the free market.” - P.J. O'Rourke


    • “The smartest marketers aim to inspire, not control.” - Seth Godin


    • “Companies that squelch creativity can no longer compete with companies that champion creativity. “ - Hugh MacLeod


    • “The single most important thing a company needs to show in a crisis is that it cares.” - Bruce Blythe, CEO, Crisis Management International


    • “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.” - Linus Pauling. Chemist  
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