May, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    100,000 new users per day


    That's Facebook's growth curve and unlike Twitter and Second Life - both of which I flirted with recently - I can see why with Facebook. After about 5 minutes I was hooked. Clearly that's not what is going to be their tipping point but 100,000 others per DAY are getting hooked.

    Now I understand the big deal about Microsoft releasing a developer toolkit for Facebook and their announcements last week about their platform. These guys are a killer platform and I can only assume our Live guys are talking with them. There is HUGE potential here. Paul Allen explains why pretty succinctly

    When Facebook has 100 million users, in the not too distant future, having the ability to develop an App in their system will almost be like being able to get a link on Google’s own home page.

    Can you imagine Google ever doing that? No way. They have too much at stake. Their $147 billion market cap couldn’t take it. Google’s philosophy was to not be evil. But I think Facebook’s philosophy is a decade fresher and even more in line with where things need to go than even Google–a company that I admire more than any other

    Ivan adds some wise advice to the hyperbole that is about but I still think these guys are about to redefine Network Effect though.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Facebook Dev Toolkit


    I joined Facebook last week - not quite hooked on it yet but it has potential hence I thought it was worth highlighting the recent Microsoft hookup with Facebook has spawned a developer toolkit. What can you do with it? I have no clue...I don't do code but these guys do.

    Download Facebook Dev Toolkit (1.6mb)

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  • Steve Clayton

    Stop Press: Clayton gets domesticated


    I fully expect this to be in the national press tomorrow if the coverage from my own family is anything to go by.

    Okay, so I'm not the most domesticated person you'd ever come across but I like to keep my kit clean so to speak so after consulting with fellow gadget guru, Brad Tipp, I invested my last stash of capital bonds in a Dyson Root 6 handheld vacuum. This is the Ferrari of handheld cleaners and is essential equipment to keep my motor and my laptop/keyboard clean. In fact the demo on the Dyson site shows it cleaning a keyboard.

    At £100 it's not cheap but it follows the Dyson approach of being best in class and having leading edge design. It's currently getting it's 3 hour initial juicing and then we're off to rid the world of fluff and gunk together.

    What I love about Dyson's products is they make it clear that they're the best. They defy anyone to beat their claims in a way that nobody seems to even bother trying. I mean, look at where you can buy this thing. They also package stuff up almost as good as the iPod but they lose a few marks for too much cardboard.

  • Steve Clayton

    PowerPoint doesn't suck after all



    As I made my way through this slide deck I thought it was going to be another pop at PowerPoint as the reason for poor presentations. However, it finished with a different way. It didn't diss PowerPoint at all and instead made the point that content counts. PowerPoint is just the tool. You drive it so take responsibility for your content and don't blame the tools. Same goes for Keynote or any other presentation software of course. Without well thought out content, even the greatest speakers can't fall back on the technology.

    I wish PowerPoint had a way to upload direct to SlideShare though. That's be a very nice addition to the Fluent UI - similar to MindManager 7 that Darren talked about last week.

    Mike Arrington did a short review a while back

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  • Steve Clayton

    Appealing to your audience



    Sometimes people overcomplicate the message to their customers. Not this flower shop - they get straight to the point - but here is the interesting part:

    If this flower shop was on my high street it would get my business simply for their sense of humour. In a world of business where sometimes we (yes I mean Microsoft here too) are overly  serious, a little bit of humour goes a long way.

    I couldn't find the source of the original photo but these guys in Huddersfield do something similar

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