May, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    The HR Director talks blogging with Microsoft



    A colleague of mine in our UK HR department recently asked me if I'd chat to The HR Director (the magazine, not our man DaveG) about technology and I gladly accepted.

    Given blogging is my hobby horse (my team will confirm that!) it seemed like the logical thing to chat with the magazine about. To my surprise they were uninterested enough to publish an article on this which I contributed to and it has just been released. Thanks to the guys over there for turning my ramblings in to readable copy :)

    They finished up with 5 good tips

    1. Identify yourself and who you work for
    2. Respect copyright, other people's views and be respectful of confidentiality both of your own company and others
    3. Link to others who are talking about the same topics and cite them appropriately
    4. Add value and be interesting!
    5. Expect and accept criticism.

    Only wish I'd asked them to put a link to my blog at the end of the article. Doh....

    Download (468kb PDF)

    First published in theHRDIRECTOR magazine, Issue 36, May 07. Reproduced with permission.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Windows gets a new version



    It's called Persuasion Windows but it's not an operating system smile_wink

    Richard Sedley brought the topic up yesterday at the cScape event in London and it reminded me to add his blog to my Google Reader list. He has some rock solid advice on his blog for people building websites. I loved the part of his talk when he mentioned Persuasion and he had some great supporting stories from personal experience. Some very simple, useful advice though.

    • When someone gets to a dead link on your site, do you laugh at yourself and help them out or do you leave them with the default link?
    • When your customer finishes a purchase do you just say "thanks" or do you congratulate them on being their best customer on earth?
    • When something is out of stock, do you take the opportunity to offer outstanding customer service?

    Richard points us to the Marketing Sherpa study which tells us that 39% of Viewers Accept Offers on 'Thank You' Pages. Food for thought?

    One thing to bear in mind with Persuasion Windows: they're not open all of the time so use them wisely.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Changing my blog name


    ...for the next 2 days at Greek in Disguise

    I'm on a train to Liverpool to watch my team play AC Milan in the Champions League final in Athens. For this momentous occasion I've taken to the decision to appropriate the moniker my team gave me during our EVO tour this year.

    Please excuse the brief interlude in service which may become more pronounced should tonight go as planned.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Shopping for diamonds on Amazon




    At ease wedding bells imminent :)

    I attended cScape's Customer Engagement Workshop today at The Brewery in London. A fine venue and a good cast of speakers. Ian Jindal of talked about diamond shopping on Amazon as an example of a Web 2.0 app and tough I'm not sure if the website counts as Web 2.0 in the truest sense, it's very cool. Put simply, it changes the way you'd shop for a high value (or low value) item like this. I suspect it tempts more people in to spending more money because of the ease of which you can explore diamonds of all types based in Shape, Price, Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity.

    The ease of navigation is something you simply couldn't do in a store - without a huge amount of time consumed. This is a great demo of the power of the web not only to change where we consume, but how we consume. I'm surprised some of the real estate sites haven't gone for a similar approach.

    Fortunately, the site is US only :)

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  • Steve Clayton

    The future of Comic Book Reading


    Without doubt my favourite breakout session at Mix07 was by IdentityMine. These guys redefined how to deliver a killer presentation by delivering the session as a comic. Hard to explain so better seen in action. These guys also did the Forbes newsreader and Seattle PI newsreader work so really know how to get the best out of WPF.

    The guys also gave away a very cool, limited edition comic that I hope they put online with WPF!


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