May, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Will you wiki with Microsoft UK?


    I've been thinking about this for a while - it's part of several cunning (well, maybe not that cunning) plans I have to get Microsoft UK and specifically the Microsoft Partner Group ahead of the curve with Web 2.0 usage as part of our partner offerings. We have a couple of cool things coming out over the next month or so but until then, I'd like to explore the appetite amongst the community to build a Wiki of Partner Knowledge.

    My team could start this off from a technical point of view, perhaps by product and we could see where it expands to. My thinking is there are lots of very smart folks out in our UK partner community of over 35k companies and we're not harnessing the community for collective benefit. Sure there is competition and I'm not suggesting people share trade secrets but surely there is value in non-competing partners have a knowledge base from some of the best experts in their field that is collectively compiled? If it worked for Wikipedia why can't it work here?

    If you're in, post your comment here and if I can muster up the support of 50 individuals I'll find a way to make this happen. Who knows, I may even ask you to build it for us? :) Then once we have built it, our cunning plan will take off and the whole of Microsoft Partner worldwide will take this idea. Next step will be a series of awards each year for the most active contributors. See where I'm going with this?


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  • Steve Clayton

    It's Not What The Software Does, It's What The User Does


    An outstanding cartoon today from Hugh. I know he was working late (as was I) due to a few hiccups with Blue Monster and clearly he's a man who gets inspiration when it's dark :) Something about this cartoon just seems like a gift from the gods to me. It's truly brilliant in my eyes.

    It's about to become my new business card. When I blink it almost says People Ready Business. We need lithographs. Now.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Surface: a missed opportunity?


    [update 1] added video from YouTube, removed Jeff Han video

    [update 2] added video of the Today show with Bill demonstrating Surface. thanks to nfurtwangler

    I blogged quite a while back about the Minority Report style technology that Microsoft has in the R&D labs but never expected to see it surface this quickly. A few hours ago Microsoft took the wraps of Microsoft Surface at the D Conference in Carlsbad - not far from Apple HQ if my memory should make for an interesting discussion topic when Steve and Bill take to the stage with Walt Mossberg.

    Anyway, back to Surface. I showed a video from a while back to Anna last night and she was amazed - which is a pretty good litmus test. In her profession (architecture) there are a tonne of possibilities for visualizing buildings and such but the early price tag of between $5,000 and $10,000 per unit means initial use will be restricted to high end retail use by companies like T-Mobile and Starwood Hotels. I'd also expect to see this stuff in Microsoft offices though. Our new building 5 would welcome one of these units to help people visualize the company, org chart, post photos etc.

    It's actually quite hard to explain what Surface does so I'd encourage you to check out the website and the video above that was from TED a while back.

    What did I mean by the title of this post? Well, I read the rumours last night about Surface (or Milan as it was know a few hours ago) and woke up this morning quite intrigued to see what was announced. I fired up a laptop and went to to be greeted by the Lifecam NX-6000. That's a great product for sure but we just announced a revolution here and given is one of the world's most trafficked websites you'd think we'd have given Surface some real estate on that site. Personally I'd have taken over most of the site with it - especially when you see the beautiful job they've done with the Surface website itself. Remember when Apple launched iPhone, Apple TV or any other major product? It dominated their homepage. I'd also have made a great video available on YouTube, Soapbox and Google Video. For a product that needs to be seen, we could have helped the blogosphere get the noise out even better than the press pack offers.

    It's a shame. Personally, I think we dropped the ball here on getting the noise out about Microsoft and innovation. Do you agree?


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  • Steve Clayton

    Got Joost invites



    Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

    The cool cats at Joost invited me to their beta a while back and I had a quick play then but dabbled some more today. Quite impressive though Ivan raises some interesting concerns on how viable. It made me think I should go check on the progress of Microsoft's IPTV plans. I saw our technology in action at our Life2 house last year and it looked VERY impressive.

    Oh...did I mention I have some Joost invites?

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  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Gets Web 2.0



    I'm quite particular about my slide decks these days and tend to go for image heavy presentations rather than bullet points. Here's a slide deck I wish I had written though by Ian Thomas of our MDAS (Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions) group.

    Simple, to the point, not Microsoft heavy and great use of examples. I'm off to post some of my own slides now!

    Thanks to David Brain for the tip.

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