The intangibility of software preferences

The intangibility of software preferences

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Okay, this tagging thing is starting to get out of control but it seems polite to reply so here are my kwik answers to the latest tag from Steven @ Winextra on software I use following these rules

  • name at least 5 programs (web or standalone) that you love that go against the mainstream ( optional - reason why - if possible)
  • name at least 5 programs that you dislike; OSes not included, (optional - reason why - if possible)
  • tag at least 5 other people - if possible try to include all the OSes (optional - reason why)



  • IE7 - that's against the mainstream now right? smile_wink
  • Vista - ditto
  • Live Messenger - Skype is mainstream I assume?
  • FolderShare - acquired by MS, largely unknown and very cool
  • Photoshop - not that it's not mainstream but around here Expression is mainstream


  • Real Player - always have, always will. Simply because of the way they take over your machine
  • LinkedIn - it sends friendly reminder automatically. I never wanted to join thanks so please stop that. Now
  • Most online banking sites. Just too hard to use!
  • Any website that automatically plays music to me. That's SO helpful when I'm sneakysurfin during a meeting!
  • Windows ME (sorry to break the rules)


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  • Steve

    Thanks for playing along but I did this because I think a lot of people don't stop to think why they have the feelings they do about software outside of the fanboy type reactions.

    I tagged you because I figured that working at MS might give some good and maybe surprising answers but I'll make sure if I do this again that I not tag you :)

  • Steven - no problems at all. happy to be tagged - just struggling to keep up with 3 in one week :) I thought the questions were good though I really struggled with the "don't like" stuff and was as honest as I could be about the "love". I should have added Windows Live Writer! sorry if the answers didn't surprise

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