June, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Zune download plugin updated


    I needed to grab some videos from YouTube this evening and found that my trusty ZuneIt plugin had stopped working. It seems something changed on the YouTube side but thankfully the guys already have a new version that works again. Grab it from SourceForge

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  • Steve Clayton

    Blue Monster is going to Denver


    to the Microsoft WorldWide Partner Conference to be specific...

    I'll be heading out to Denver for this conference and will be packing my Blue Monster t-shirt and hopefully a few spares to hand out. I've also got plans for some other Blue Monster swag including postcards and stickers so if you're a fan, track me down and ask for one. I'll also be packing the Partner TV video camera so if you'd like to do a short interview leave your feedback here and perhaps I'll setup a Blue Monster lounge where we can hang out?

    see you there!

    [update] - we're going to setup the video camera in the UK Lounge so pop over during breaks to get on film and meet the Blue Monster

  • Steve Clayton

    Infoporn #1


    I loved the first version of the Information Architects Web Trend map and now hey have a Version2 available in lots of formats including a A3 poster and a clickable web page.

    What is it?

    The 200 most successful websites on the web, ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective

    I'm enquiring about Microsoft sponsorship. Nice work guys!

  • Steve Clayton

    The iPhone will be compatible with Microsoft Exchange



    That's what Mary Jo thinks.

    Hmmm, that may change my shopping schedule when I go to the US next week. I've had an LG Prada for a while and I really like the phone - though would never use it as my main phone as I can't get my email on it from our Exchange server. Maybe the lure of the iPhone with ActiveSync may be too much for me. Purely for evaluation purposes you understand :)

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  • Steve Clayton

    Blue Monster in Oz


    Now that Christian is down under, the Blue Monster is spreading there fast - though Nick Mayhew, Frank Arrigo and Nick Hodge were already signed up followers. I even received a request from the Melbourne office today to send down some of my business cards for Blue Monster followers. Weird, but cool....my business card is becoming collectable!!

    Way cooler than my card though is this Blue Monster that Paul Jenkins brought along to ReMix07 in Australia. Snapped by Nick for posterity. I neeeeeeeed one of these for our office :)

    I had a good chat with Hugh today about the Blue Monster story to date and think I may do a post on this plotting the history and growth. We started out by trying to use this "thing" to stimulate a different kind of conversation about, around and for Microsoft and I think we can safely say it's working. The journey continues though and I'd love to hear from other like the guys above who have taken it to heart and are using it or even just rallying around. Your stories count...and there may some cool prizes coming your way :)

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