June, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Skinkers interview


    Video: Matteo Berlucchi

    Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with Matteo Berlucchi from Skinkers where we talked about their innovative technology and their relationship with Microsoft. We also captured a live demo of their LiveStation product that I discussed last week.

    These guys area great example of how Microsoft can and does work with small, innovative software companies and the video is longer than usual (17 mins) as Matteo and I discuss that as well as talking about their company, the product and our propensity to buy lots of gadgets!

    Don't forget to sign up for the beta and put my name in the "where you heard from field" to faster access!

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Mediaroom


    This explain all the posters around our UK HQ today - I only just caught up on the news. Its' great stuff but almost as cool as the product is the name. I mean, Mediaroom. Cool eh? No 2007 suffix, no Microsoft whizbang prefix.

    Want to know more about our IPTV platform? Check out the official site at www.microsoftmediaroom.com or go check out Long's post. He guessed well on this one :)

    Notch up another one on the growing list of cool products names alongside Popfly, Siverlight and Surface.

  • Steve Clayton

    Third of bloggers risk being fired



    At the Blogging 2.0 roundtable I attended last week, this topic was debated in quite some detail and I also chatted about it with Matthew Bishop, one of our UK directors, on Friday. He rightly pointed out that though we have a pretty basic blogging policy at Microsoft, we also operate a peer review type of policy. I'm still noodling on that but more on it later this week I expect.

    Anyway, back to the BBC and Blogging


    Croner surveyed 2,000 people who keep a personal internet blog or diary and 39% said that they made harmful comments.


    I suppose it depends what you classify as "harmful comments" but in general I think that's pretty dumb. Okay so you may say something bad about your employer down at the pub on a Friday night when you've had a crappy week and want to blow off some steam but that's WAY different from saying it on a blog. People need to get this:


    On a blog, you're automatically a spokesperson for your company


    and you will be treated as such by the media. Yep, that mean the Times of London, the BBC, CNN and others. They can find the juicy bits of the blogosphere just as well as anyone and they will publish you whether you like it or not. Exhibit A

    About 10 months ago I encouraged all of my team to blog - and now they all do. I never told them how to or why to but they got it. I also never had to police. They're smart people. They know right from wrong and they know when they're straying in to dangerous territory on their blog. How do they know? Because they're smart? Yes, but more likely because it's obvious what's right and wrong. I have a very basic view of this but I do think it's becoming more of a grey area for people hence I think we'll likely need more checks and balances to help people rather than restrain them. Maggie Holland was keenly interested so I'm looking forward to seeing what she posts but I'm with Euan on this one. The Beeb needs to lighten up.

    In the meantime, maybe the rules in my blogging deck on slideshare may help?


    NB: I changed the title of the BBC's original article from Third of bloggers 'risk the sack' to Third of bloggers risk being fired. It just seems a more universal title than theirs...

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    Signup for the LiveStation Beta



    I was over at Skinkers this morning with Matteo Berlucchi shooting a video for Partner-TV. I love spending time with Matteo as his infectious passion for his company and his product is great - plus he's a lot of fun. He proudly showed me that he's in an article in Der Spiegel this month alongside BillG, Google and Steve Jobs but despite his new found media success, he was still happy to give us a great interview. It'll be coming up soon on Partner-TV. If you haven't heard the Skinkers story it's worth listening - these guys licensed Microsoft Research technology in return for equity in the company. Pretty damn cool for a company that some say "don't get it" or or not open (I'm talking about Microsoft, not Skinkers now...).

    During the visit, Matteo showed me one of their latest projects called LiveStation - a highly efficient video streaming service using Silverlight to deliver realtime video to your desktop. The UI was lovely and we talked about the potential to do it on a mobile too - not far off. I've just signed up for their closed beta which I'm assured I'm on and have managed to grab 10 other invites so if you're interested, reply here and also sign up and I'll drop your name to them to bounce to the front of the queue. Partnership has it's privileges as they say :)

    [update] I just spoke with Skinkers. If you add "heard via Steve Clayton" in the signup field they'll do their best to accommodate you. if you already registered, please do so again!


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  • Steve Clayton

    Smartphone as camera (and webcam)


    Nice find by Jeremy that shows you how you can use the camera on your Smartphone or Pocket PC as webcam. I like the idea of using my PPC camera with WiFi as a webcam. Geeky I know...but cool.

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