July, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Homeland Security needs a firewall



    After 16 days traveling around the US and numerous security checks, this find by Core77 made me smile when I got back home today. C'mon guys, this is the basics of Homeland Security?

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  • Steve Clayton

    The Ingenuity pOint - Do You Have A Killer App?


    Hat tip to FrankArr on this one - a competition to develop solutions for Healthcare, Education and Clean Technology.

    We recognize that technology drives innovation at an unprecedented pace: scientists use software to search for cures and vaccines; school children in developing countries reach out to their global peers through groundbreaking interactive programs; and demand for fuel alternatives leads to exciting clean technologies.

    If you have a cool application built with Microsoft technology that is making a difference, let us know. If you have a winning solution, we'll tell the world.

    As Frank said, Change The World Or Go Home :) Check out How To Compete and the prizes.

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  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft's Software-Plus-Services Partner Opportunity White Paper



    S+S has gotten a lot of press over the last few weeks. It was very high on the agenda at WPC and also our own MGX conference. I've been asked what it means for our partners so many times since Denver that I'm honing my response quite nicely. What I hadn't seen sneak out was a whitepaper on the Partner Portal that does the same thing (though not as eloquently as me of course ;))

    Here's the skinny on the paper

    Learn how you can participate in Microsoft’s strategy to increase customer value through a blended combination of on-premises software and hosted services—an approach we call Software + Services. Review the technology delivery models enabled by this approach, related partner business models, and business benefits and performance indicators you can consider. Six included case studies discuss how other partners have improved their businesses through a transformation to the Software + Services model.

    Grab it from the portal. I think this should be required reading for ALL partners as the change is happening now and picking up pace. SteveB made it very clear at WPC that we're accelerating our efforts and encouraged partners to start doing the same. This 20 page paper is a good primer for executive discussion on the subject and is something I expect to be discussing with IT Directors of UK Partners over the next 6 months. It's great to see a number of UK partners in here (Nimbus, ProcServe and Nitrosell), all of whom worked with our team this year. You can also see them in the video on Software + Services.

    Should that be your company in the next paper? Come talk to me....

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  • Steve Clayton

    Ballmer Gets Blue Monstered. Redmond next...



    Blue Monster has had a good few weeks on tour. Philippa got some great shots during her road trip on the west coast and I hooked up with some old and new friends in Denver and Orlando to spread the word. Frank Arrigo spotted the Blue Monster twice during sessions at Microsoft's MGX conference and I of course used it during my own presentation at Worldwide Partner Conference. I also sent out some stickers to Sarah from 10 and Mary Jo Foley and Sarah pinged my back a photo of it on her laptop. That's all I ask of people if you have a sticker - put in on your laptop (ideally) and send me a photo (or just publish it to the Facebook group).

    I also had a photo opportunity with Steve Ballmer, Kevin Turner and Jean Philippe Courtois and took the opportunity to hand Steve my Blue Monster business card. His words - "I love it - thanks". I didn't quite have the gumption to give it to Bill :)

    What's been very interesting this last two weeks has been the amount of people who have seen the image and like it. I must have met about 30 people who said they loved it. Slowly but surely it's getting around the world and changing perceptions and starting conversations. I (and I know Hugh feel's the same) could never have imagined it would take reach this scale and if we compare it to some of our traditional marketing/branding approaches, you have to say it's pretty bloody impressive. I saw some things this week at our conference that make me think the company is embracing new ways to talk to customers and partners and I think we can teach them something with our viral movement.

    For those of you out in Redmond looking for a sticker, the guys in my group are all at Tech Ready 5 this week and have stickers so maybe worth tracking them down. Ping me if you're a Softie and interested and we can setup a coffee meeting maybe?


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  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft: UK's #1 brand



    I almost missed this one whilst on my extended US trip but Superbrands recently announced that Microsoft is the UK’s number one brand according to the UK public! This is the second year running that we have secured the top spot in the coveted Superbrands Awards.

    The award is voted for by over 3,000 members of the public and Microsoft received 78.7% of the UK public’s vote ahead of other brands including Coca-Cola, Google, and the BBC. Pretty impressive and I have to admit, a tiny bit surprising. I guess it goes to show that the we're doing something right and that all for all the Apple ads and Coke machines out there, our approach is paying off. Check out the two page PDF explaining why.

    It was also impressive to see Xbox ranked 151st - two places ahead of iPod. Bokay Fake Steve? :)

    The top ten favourites are:

      1. Microsoft
      2. Coca-Cola
      3. Google
      4. BBC
      5. BP
      6. British Airways
      7. Lego
      8. Guinness
      9. Mercedez-Benz
      10. Cadbury
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