July, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    I Spat Out My Cornflakes



    Despite being in the US, I knew CRN's Guide To Profitability we recently published with them hit doormats last week. A  few partners from the UK emailed me to say they nearly spat out their cornflakes upon seeing my photo in there. Note to self: must get new press photos.

    You can get the full report on CRN's site where Karl Noakes, myself and a lot of partners comment on where we see growth coming from over the coming year. I pick up on areas such as SaaS, Unified Comms, mobility and collaboration. The latter is where I hear lots of demand at the moment - especially around MOSS 2007 and the resultant skills shortage in the market.

    It's only a 12 page report and a good cross section of content so go grab it!

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  • Steve Clayton

    SeaDragon and Photosynth demo















    I love Blaise Aguera's demos and this one of SeaDragon and Photosynth at WorldWide Partner Conference was as good as ever. His style is very humble and simple despite the fact he's showing off some of the coolest technology we have in the locker. SeaDragon feels like 21st century microfiche to me and there is huge potential in digital advertising and media.

    [update] - even cooler demo from TED 

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  • Steve Clayton

    In The Presence of Greatness - Bill Gates



    Yesterday was the first day of our global sales conference (aka MGX) in Orlando. We sat in the Amway Arena and listened to our executives review the year, talk about our next financial year and recognize outstanding achievements. I was fortunate enough to have been in the outstanding achievement group which meant spending some time closer than usual to Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates and others. Quite a day with two highlights:

    1. The company had created a video of Bill given his impending move to work more on his foundation. It was very moving and Bill looked quite touched. As you'd expect, Bill usually gets quite a reception in front of 10,000 staff but yesterday the applause could have gone forever. The video mentioned a man who has changed the world. Nuff said.
    2. During this evening drinks reception I was invited to, I saw the opportunity to grab a quick photo with Bill. Never one to shy away from an opportunity I stepped in and got the shot above thanks to our HR director, Dave Gartenberg. I got a few others later on but like this one as it was just me and the man...albeit briefly.

    Yesterday showed me once again that I work for an amazing company with amazing people. To be in the presence of Bill was great but to get a photo with him was a fine,fine moment. You don't often get this close to your heroes!


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  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft's Live Datacenters


    The acquisition of leases on $200m worth of datacentres recently is old news now but important in the grand scheme of the Live era at Microsoft. With the Software + Services message coming out loud and clear at WorldWide Partner Conference and the same expected this week at our MGX conference, the Live era is definitely upon us. OfficeLive and CRM Live feel like the first salvos in the Ozzie era and I'm looking forward to hearing more this week. I'll keep you posted but sometimes you can feel a big shift at Microsoft. I may be wrong but this feels like one of those times for me.

    The significance of the data centres? Goes hand in hand with the Windows Live DataCentres phrase I heard last week.  We're coming.

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  • Steve Clayton

    cScape interviews the Geek In Disguise


    A couple of weeks back I caught up with Richard Sedley from cScape for breakfast. Following a few muffins and coffee Richard brought out his recorded and we did a short interview covering Microsoft, blogging, Blue Monster and more. Tune in for just under 20 mins of rambling from me - there are actually some interesting points...I think :)

    I always enjoy chatting with Richard - a good bloke with plenty of useful insight on where this whole Web 2.0 thing is going. His blog is great read on deeper thought that you often get about how to craft engaging experiences in this new world of the web. Check out his post on Why Persuasive Technologies Should Be Boring for example - it includes a great podcast with two guys talking about Nike + iPOD.

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