August, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Who Owns What in Web 2.0?


    Hat tip to my pal Dene Schonknecht for finding this handy reference on Who Owns What in the Web 2.0 world. I suspect this will look very different in 6 months.  Original is at 

    Page 13 of the Future Of Media Report has some similar info with deal sizes too!

  • Steve Clayton

    Halo 3 gets some Silverlight


    Productivity in our team just went down. Stunning example of Silverlight.

    Hat Tip to Angus - your man for Live shtuff. As he notes,

    if you haven't used Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live you are missing a great opportunity to store and stream up to 4Gb of Silverlight Applications via our data centers!

  • Steve Clayton

    Partner TV down under


    Our man in Oz has taken the Partner TV love down under with the launch of Partner TV Australia. Nice work Mr Longstaff!

  • Steve Clayton




    Some days are just special - today was one of those for me. I met up with Sean Geer, ex Managing Editor of Wired UK. This was the UK offshoot of the magazine that changed everything. Well, I did for me the day I saw the braille issue in the student union at Loughborough and decided to buy that instead of lunch.

    Sean and I had breakfast in Chiswick and reminisced about the mag. The amazing covers, the outrageous production costs and the outstanding journalism. We both fondly remembered Neal Stephenson's FLAG - 50k words that took over an entire issue. No other magazine then (or now) would have the balls to do that. It was a shame when the UK mag came to an end as the market just wasn't ready for it here.

    Sean blew me away by bringing me a pristine copy of Wired 3.01 UK edition - the mirror cover which I probably still have in my parents loft. He also brought me a Hotwired round mousemat of which I expect there are very few.

    There is something odd about Wired though. I have this second sense of when the next issue is due and though I fell out of love with it during their biotech phase, I kind of knew the new edition was out today. Sure enough after looking at several magazine stands, I made my way home via Waterloo station thinking "oh well, it'll be out next week" and then spotted it right there with master chief on the cover. As usual I picked the one from the back of the pile to ensure I got a gleaming, fresh copy that smelt like it had just been printed.

    A perfect day of Wired symmetry. thanks Sean!

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  • Steve Clayton

    UK ISV Blog



    I stumbled across this from a comment on my site and was pleasantly surprised to see my desk mate Steve Morrow is now blogging - he sits opposite me. Expect all things ISV with a non-techie bias from Steve and hats off to him for publishing his email and mobile phone number so prominently. Took me a while to take that plunge!

    Check out this latest post - ISV Partner FY08 Annual Kick-off - Sept 13th TVP, Reading.

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