Software + Services explained

Software + Services explained

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My pal Hugh drew this a couple of weeks back at the first Blue Monster coffee morning and the original now sits proudly on my desk at home. I've been meaning to publish for a while but couldn't track down a decent scanner.

What I love about the cartoon is Hugh's ability to make the complex simple - a rare talent. Software doesn't quite fit on it for me as the other 3 are derived from software *but* it does have a nice symmetry. Then when you read left to right and then up/down I think it works well.

When Hugh handed it to me he said

"you have to pick where you wanna be"....

I said Microsoft wants to be right there in the middle. The user gets to pick where they wanna be. 
I wonder if I can get Ray Ozzie to use this :)


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  • Interesting, (especially as I was over the other end of the table at that coffee morning )

    For me the axes are too close to each other to be useful. There seems to be just too much overlap for Cloud & Services vs. Desktop & Software. Both axes seem to be 'location'...

    but hold on, maybe Hugh was talking business model? what about changing services vs. software to Buy vs. Rent? It works better for me ... mmm


  • I think if you replace the "software" with "product", the drawing might make more logical sense to you ;-)

  • Thanks it's definitely an easier spectrum, but maybe less interesting ;o)


  • Another good post from Steve I've been meaning to comment on. Working in UK Local Government I think

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