September, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    More LiveStation goodness


    You can't keep the man Berlucchi off the little screen and following the success of the video interview I posted a while back he's back with details of the new multichannel version of LiveStation.

    Sign up the trial of this terrific Silverlight powered service

  • Steve Clayton

    Customer Engagement Survey


    The folks at cScape have issued their Customer Engagement Survey again. This is the 2nd time around and I'm looking forward to it as the first was a good read and beautifully produced.

    It's organised by E-consultancy in partnership with cScape and the survey is aimed at everyone who has an interest in how the digital environment is being used to develop more sustaining relationships between brands and customers.

    There are questions around:

    • the value of customer engagement
    • how it can be measured
    • the latest engagement strategies and tactics being used inc. social media, gadgets, mobile etc.

    It’s anonymous and should take around 5 minutes to complete. Naturally, participants will receive a free, advanced copy of the full research report (normal price £149) so if you have 5 to spare go do the survey.

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  • Steve Clayton

    "Internet Platforms" by a guy who should know



    I saw Marc Andreessen present at an Internet event in London about 9 years ago and I wanted to not like him as those were the days of Netscape vs. IE and I was helping get IE4 out to market. He came across as a likeable bloke though and quite shy as I remember and I've always read his stuff be it interviews or articles. I'm now an avid follower of his blog and he (and perhaps Seth Godin) are the only people who write really long blog posts that I bother reading.

    This recent post from Marc on Internet plaforms is a bit geeky/techie at times and I probably need to read again to "get it" but as I read it first time I found myself nodding in agreement. I'm not sure I agree with the level 3 platform vendors but I'm sure he will not lose sleep over that. If nothing else this is worth a read for a definitive view of PLATFORM - perhaps the most overused term in IT.

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  • Steve Clayton

    CompTIA keynote

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    Just a brief note to let you know that I'll be delivering the keynote at CompTIA Breakaway Europe 2007 on Thursday 25th October in London. Expect me to wax on about the consumerisation of IT, Web 2.0 and Software + Services at the very least.


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  • Steve Clayton



    2007-09-20 002 001

    Hugh and I savouring a glass (or two) last week. Needed to be cooler (the wine, not us)

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