September, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Live @ Edu brochure



    Ray Fleming and Mark A'Bear have been busy with their Education Partners blog and recently published this Windows Live @Edu brochure (using Skydrive of course). What is Live @Edu? The guys explain:

    Windows Live @ Edu is a hosted email service available free of charge to colleges and universities, which is hosted on the Windows Live Hotmail platform. It allows establishments to choose their own email domain name (for example, and use that for all email provision for their students. The back-end is linked to the university's Active Directory, so that users are actively provisioned. It gives students a 2GB mailbox and unlike Hotmail, is advertising free. There are over 20 universities or FE colleges now using this system in the UK.

    Although the mail service is free, there is a partner revenue opportunity from this service - the integration and configuration services from the mail service to the institution's Active Directory (using Identity Lifecycle Management 2007)

    Good to see a UK specific document and the speaks plain English about the service and its benefits.

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  • Steve Clayton

    VAIO NR arrives with textured finish



    Following a recent post on cool and innovative new PC designs I'm now on the lookout more than ever for new PC's that are beyond the beige box or black laptop approach. Gizmodo spotted the new Vaio NR series from Sony which has a textured finish to them. To quote Sony

    The notebooks feature a textured chassis with a comfortable, fabric-like feel that is pleasing to the eye and cool to the touch

    Can't wait to touch them in person. It's good to see some companies are starting to push the bounadaries

    pretty reasonable prices at too starting at £650.

  • Steve Clayton

    The Art of (Microsoft) Office



    I stumbled across the Art of Office via my blog aggregator and after bumbling around it for ten minutes and thought "wow, someone in the community has put a lot of effort in to this". Turns out that effort is Microsoft driven as right down at the bottom of the page the Microsoft logo and privacy statements etc.

    I head on over to and there it is on the homepage. Very cool :) You'll be amazed at the art you can create with Microsoft Excel - check out Pixelfreak - and the design of the site itself is quite beautiful.


    Hat Tip to Core77
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