September, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Stop Press - Scottish bloggers



    I spent an enjoyable morning today in Edinburgh with a group of our Gold Partners in Scotland. Held at the splendid Scotsman Hotel (ex-home to the paper of the same name) it was expertly coordinated by our team north of the border. For me t was great to see a number of familiar faces - Robert and Scott from Exactive to name two.

    What I like about working with our Scottish team and partners is the real community feel they have. No disrespect meant to our Partners in England or elsewhere but there is a real community feel from the Scots. I'm hoping to see more of them at WorldWide Partner Conference next year as I know they'll make their presence felt.

    I gave a brief presentation on the technology landscape and the changes and opportunities I see on the road ahead this year. Notably Windows Server 2008, SQL Server Katmai, Office Communications Server, Visual Studio and Silverlight. I also talked about the consumerisation of IT and the fact that the new entrants from college in to the workplace are Gen Y - they've never known life without the Internet and this changes the demands they will put on employers. More on that soon. What did I take away from this session?

      1. Vista adoption within partners is on the rise - driver and application compat issues seem to be improving
      2. Partner Program Benefit adoption is still low, notably on resources like Gear Up. If you're a partner reading this, please go check it out now. It's a fantastic tool
      3. Partners weren't generally aware of the Partner Dashboard where they can see their own use of benefits
      4. Silverlight is more widely known and being explored than I'd thought. Driving the installed base is what we need to be doing
      5. Virtualisation is a hot topic - we're making big strides here and need to help partners and customers aware. More on this from Matt


    Overall a valuable morning of feedback and information sharing. Peter and James are upping the ante on the blog front with the Technology Trumpet and  Tartan Tech.

  • Steve Clayton

    Vista and Windows Mobile - attention to detail



    Way back about 3 years ago I saw some initial videos and mockups of Vista and was amazed at some of the UI work. Some of that made it in to the final product and some didn't but today I saw something that reminded me of the attention to detail in some of those videos.

    I installed the 6.1 version of Windows Mobile Device Centre on Vista and connected by HTC S620 Smartphone. In the Windows Shell I now see a beautifully rendered HTC S620 and within the WMDC I also see the device. What's more, when I click on Programs and Services I see specific support links for that device.

    It's this level of integration and attention to detail that I love in Vista (and from the mobile guys). More of the same please.


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  • Steve Clayton

    Holographic Vaio


    I just found my new laptop

    The Vaio Zoom notebook concept takes everything we know about holographic technology and squeezes it inside a thin glass form factor. When off, the screen is completely transparent and the keyboard goes opaque. Turn it on and the touchscreen holographic festivities begin. Even the  mouse buttons are holographic!

    hat tip

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  • Steve Clayton

    Silverlight and Surface



    Microsoft Surface is perhaps the product I get asked about more than any at the moment - I guess because of it's accessibility and promise of revolutionsing how people interact with computers its generated that excitement. As far as I know, a Surface device hasn't made it to the UK so the closest you can get right now is the Silverlight PC based demo on Michael Schwarz's blog. It's fun to play with for a few minutes to get the idea.

    Also available as a download for offline demos.

    There is another version with more photos too.

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  • Steve Clayton

    Holding Court


    Or just looking like a monkey? Cast your votes pls...
    This was my BIMA Bites session last week


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