The Internet has stopped working

The Internet has stopped working

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I still chuckle when I hear people say stuff like "the Internet has stopped working" when referring to their connection being down. I guess it's an obvious reaction in a world where people have grown up with all software being installed on a machine and though geek terminology has seeped (now flooded) in to mainstream media, it's worth remembering that not everyone knows what we mean when we say stuff like "oh you can just store your data in the cloud". What cloud, where?

Anyway, I found this image courtesy of MyMac and rest assured it'll be appearing in one or two presentations I do this year.

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  • If only the image didn't contain at least 3 massive typos.

  • I thought you might like this link!  

    After all you are indeed one of those mysterious Zune owners... Time to go save the gadget!

  • The only big problem with this image is it says "disc"

    "Disc" only applies to compact discs. "Disk" applies to floppy disks.

  • Are you wrong Vallejo.

    It say: "Millions of millions of websites on one 3 1/4 disc"

  • thanks Sarah - laughed for a picosecond...or was is a "nano" second :)

  • A recent mail: "Where are your blog postings? Are you still around?" Let's just say that it's been a

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