October, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Xbox Friends Watch - a Sidebar Gadget using Silverlight



    This'll drive some Silverlight downloads I'm sure. A Vista sidebar gadget for tracking your XBOX Live pals. Nice work Adam!

  • Steve Clayton

    Blue Monster Reserve: Award Winning


    Yep, the famous/notorious/hard to get Blue Monster wine won an award this week. Okay so it's not Wine Spectator but it beat Edelman and BT to a Flackenhack award this week. In Oscar fashion, allow me to replay the nominations and wining entry


    Award for - Best Result In The Face of Adversity

    • BT: For extremely shrewd handling of the emerging debate on network neutrality and broadband capacity limits
    • Edelman: For its successful launch of the dot.mobi domain on the day the FT ran a front page story with the headline: “Arrival of 'dotmobi' domain raises concerns’ and which in just over 400 words slated the company
    • Hugh MacLeod/Microsoft/Stormhoek: For sticking a year-old cartoon on a bottle of South African plonk that you can’t even buy and persuading the FT to devote half a sodding page of editorial to it

    Thanks to Pete Devery for picking up the award on behalf of Stormhoek! Off to open another bottle to celebrate...

  • Steve Clayton

    600m searches from Facebook coming our way?


    "Exposing the huge Facebook audience to Live Search and monetizing that traffic with paid results is, I'm guessing, a powerful motivator behind this investment," wrote Greg Sterling today

    Hmm....Josh Catone made me think and then read Don Dodge who provides great coverage. In fact if you take the 4 headings from his emboldened paragraps, I think it sums things up nicely

    1. Sending a message
    2. This isn't about valuation.
    3. Strategic value
    4. Partnerships always start small

    an interesting week of Web 2.0

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows history videos



    Nice find by Larry at 10. Takes me back! Stick in there for some music that will make you realised it's the theme tune to your technical career. Scary.

  • Steve Clayton

    Q&A with Fake Steve Jobs at Microsoft


    First video interview I've watched on the web recently - not least as it's short, funny and you know what's coming with the timeline Todd adds. Few things I noticed about this video

    • Daniel Lyons is a pretty funny guy
    • He has VERY similar views to Microsoft as Hugh and the whole Blue Monster thing
      • "There is this huge delta between the reality of Microsoft and the image of the Borg. They're funny, smart people"
    • His evil laugh is VERY similar to Hugh's :)

    00:28: How Fake Steve would have felt being on the Borg campus.
    01:05: How Dan Lyons himself feels about Microsoft and Apple.
    03:40: Why he writes the blog.
    04:10: Where his blog is headed long term.
    05:00: How he squares his roles as Fake Steve and a journalist, ethically.
    07:50: What it would be like if he ever met Real Steve Jobs.
    09:12: How Fake Steve Jobs would end the interview.

    Only downside, no Option$ to embed the video :(

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