October, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft and Facebook


    "They've been beaten by Google since the beginning of time," Munster said. "They may want to make a statement that they aren't going to sit on the sidelines." news.com

    No kidding...

  • Steve Clayton

    Dilbert goes wilfing


    Yesterday's Dilbert. Very good :)

  • Steve Clayton

    What Is Public Speaking?


    "nothing more than having a conversation about something you're passionate about with two or more people, while you just happen to be standing up, or not," public speaking coach Richard Greene

    I like that...from a great article on Knowledge @Wharton. I also love their piece about talking with the receptionist.

  • Steve Clayton

    Get Vista on your motor - only £135k



    A truly brilliant find by Jas.

  • Steve Clayton

    GCHQ plays XBOX 360


    GCHQ (the British intelligence agency) is now using XBOX 360 gamers in a recruitment drive. As reported by the BBC

    The Cheltenham-based surveillance service GCHQ hopes to attract the attention of "tech-savvy" gamers.

    With the new technology in XBOX games such as Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars the capability exists to insert targeted ads which is precisely what the spooks have done.

    GCHQ said it hoped the campaign would "capture the imagination of people with a particular interest in IT".

    I guess since you can't advertise on the BBC (apart from product placement in Spooks) this is a great way to reach your audience. It's also something that is sure to rise significantly and Robbie Bach talked about this back at Mix 07 in Vegas this March.  Steve Ballmer has also been talking a lot over recent weeks about the rise in Microsoft's advertising business.

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