October, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Create Your Own Messenger Button


    A new Messenger site that helps you create a handy button so your friends can easily add you to their contact list.
    Create yer own button

  • Steve Clayton

    I’m a Mac, I’m a PC - in 1996



    Eek, not sure I'd want to be either! (click for full size scary image)

    Courtesy of Silver Mac

  • Steve Clayton

    Post Industrial PC Design is lipstick on a pig


       dell hp

    The Apple effect is starting to finally get some of the PC manufacturers to realise that people will pay a little extra for design. Whilst the iMac remains the coolest PC on the planet, Dell, HP, Sony and others are starting to warm up to the task.

    Wired covered this change in their post about the Connecting World Design Congress.

    After years of just taking their boxes and maybe tweaking the shapes and materials a bit, in the end you still had the regular old PC. Now, (the industry) is finally realizing these things are personal objects," says Robert Brunner of Ammunition Design Group.

    The problem with this prototype Dell monitor above and the prototype holographic Vaio I mentioned last week is they're just that - prototypes. I'd buy both of them now if I could. HP meantime have their new Blackbird PC which is available

    In the Wired article, Brunner (an ex-Apple designer who helped create the first PowerBook) says

    "Design doesn't end at the plastic," noting that HP has, in many cases, teamed designers with engineers early on in the product development cycle. "It's also about functionality, and the Blackbird features full upgradeability and everything else you'd expect from a high-end PC."

    This is what the PC industry needs - industrial design, not post industrial design that is being applied in the marketplace right now with snap on cases to change the design of your laptop. That's the proverbial lipstick on a pig.

  • Steve Clayton

    another Shell/Ferrari video


    Following last weekend's Shell/Ferrari ad, Tony Pellerin sent me this one. Quality :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Facebook in Real Business


    Real Business 191007 survive the facebook phenomenon p1

    Hot on the heels of the BIMA Facebook Debate I'm in this months Real Business talking about FB.

    “Facebook isn’t a natural home for business just yet,” says Steve Clayton, head of small business at Microsoft UK. “But the introduction of new applications will make it more worthwhile – who knows where we’ll be in six months, let alone five years”

    Amazed I sounded so lucid given I did this interview at 6am whilst in Seattle in bed! Love their cover image...I think I may get a copy just for the cover.

    Meantime, you can see the Web 2.0 Summit interview with Mark Zuckerbug at blip.tv


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