November, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1


    If you run Windows Mobile 5 or 6 and run Office 2007 (or get attachments from friends that do) this is a must have. You can nor ready Office 2007 file formats on your mobile device.

    More details from Jason :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Xbox Live going social


    Not a big surprise I guess given the popularity of social networks but great to see this being added to XBOX Live. There has been a lot of chat lately about where Facebook in particular will be in a years time as for many people I have spoken to, the novelty of searching each others friends lists has kind of worn off. This added to the incessant Facebook spam means I probably check the site one or twice a day rather than once or twice an hour as I may have in the past.

    Facebook will still be around - that's undoubted but will people start to split off in to their own social network enclaves on Ning, Community Builder, or XBOX for that matter? Personally, I think they will unless there is some "big new thing" that keeps us coming back to FB. Right now, there is more pushing  me away than pulling me in.

  • Steve Clayton

    London geek dinner/pubcrawl with Hugh, Scoble and Winer, Dec 7th



    A bunch of geeks heading down to the Coach and Horses next Friday. That's gonna look weird...but should be fun :)

    With Scoble and Dave Winer in town, Hugh has pulled together a geek gathering in London which I'll be heading along to and there will be some Blue Monster wine to be had. The place can only hold 50 people though and it's already oversubscribed so I think we'll pile out around 9pm and head off on a pub crawl photowalk - I've suggested we head to the South Bank area for some great photo opps and some good watering holes. 

    If you're a local Sofite and keen to go, shoot me an email.

    If I don't see you at the former, hope to see you at the latter.


    Map image

    The Coach & Horses
    29 Greek Street,
    London, W1V 5LL, UK


  • Steve Clayton

    iPhone humour


    Nice cartoon in The Telegraph today.

    Hat Tip to errr, FSJ :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Create a Silverlight Christmas Cool Wall



    Last week I asked my readers to help me build a Christmas wish list and there have been some great suggestions so thanks to everyone who chipped in.

    I've now started to post them to my Cool Wall - followers of BBC's Top Gear will be familiar with this approach. You have levels of coolness and post your stuff on them. Well DotNet Solutions have worked with our Live guys to build a very cool Silverlight application that lets you build a wall and then share it with your family and friends.

    Check it the CoolWall and build your own.

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