November, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    Younger Workers Demanding Web 2.0 Tech On The Job



    I've been including this story in several presentations I have given recently and my new boss, Neil Holloway, will include in his presentation at IT@Cork next week in Cork (of course). It's something I think is going to get ever more important alongside the consumerization of IT that Gartner talks about.

    Even when I started my career, things like salary where not top of the list of selection. Sure I wanted good pay but I made my choice balanced with stuff like how were the facilities, what did I think of the company and it's brand, and would I be proud to work there. I started at AstraZeneca in Cheshire and all of those things along with some great people I knew there swayed my decision. Leaving there to join Microsoft was an easy decision and once again, wasn't based on pay - in fact I can't believe how little I was paid when I started and moved to Reading. I moved because of who the company was and what I knew I could do there. If I were to move now (highly unlikely I may add), here is what would determine my choice in order of preference:

    • My view on the company - their brand, ethics, innovation agenda and culture
    • The type of work - individual empowerment to make a difference being the key criteria
    • The location of work - I don't mean country, I mean the ability to get the job done where I deem best. And the hours I deem best
    • Their tech savvy - do they use and encourage the use of the latest technology? Do their board know their IM from Twitter?
    • Pay and Benefits

    For Generation Y, I suspect the list would be even more radical with green policies, remote working, and technology use pretty high on their list. If you're Gen Y and you're reading this, let me know. I'd love to hear if the Information Week story is for real.

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Ads #2


    Hat Tip to frederiksamuel

  • Steve Clayton



    I came across this old picture a week or so ago and it reminded me of my March 1995 dissertation for University - The Use Of The Internet In Education. I had a flick through the old document and found this beauty

    "In May 1994 there were more than 2,217,000 host computers connecting 78 countries to the Internet with 146 countries sending email. In April 1994 over 12 terabtyes travelled the NSFnet"

    Sounds a bit quaint now :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Andaz hotel checks in with a Tablet



    A new hotel in my hood (well, sorta) that's using Tablet PC's to check guests in

    Andaz (which apparently means personal style in Urdu) Describes itself as a ‘personalised casual luxury hotel experience’, and has replaced the traditional check-in desks with what they call dedicated personal hosts; title-less staff who use Tablet PCs to check you in, respond and cater to your personal tastes and preferences, and aim to build a one-on-one host and guest relationship- rather like a personal butler

    Groovy. Must wander on down there to check out the vibe and see what Tablets's they're really running. I can't tell you which other hotel chain took me to lunch recently to see if I could get them on the Surface program for the UK. Now that'll be a cool checkin process.

    Hat Tip to PSFK

  • Steve Clayton

    What Do You Buy The Man Who Has Everything?



    That's me apparently...according to my family anyway. Not sure I agree of course as I don't have Ferrari Scuedria in the stable or a Trilby hat. Regardless, I need your help. What do I need for Christmas this year? Bear in mind I have most of the stuff you may obviously suggest such as an XBOX 360, Zune 8gb, LG Viewty phone, Sony TZ laptop, nice car etc etc....and of course all the things money can't buy. But lets just get consumerist for a few moments. What do you think I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed?? :)

    Answers on a postcards or to make life easy, in the comments section!

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