November, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    My week in Redmond


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    I spent last week doing research on Software + Services in Redmond meeting groups from DPE, marketplace, Microsoft Online, Worldwide Partner Group, and several others. A great week that was topped off with a visit to the office where our Zune team live. Now I know which building I'd like to work in at Corp :) Very open plan, quite brown, lots of cool images around and the remnants of what looked like a great party. I didn't quite have the bottle to take photos - unlike when I was at our Live Labs offices and the Live team at Red West.

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Quotes #2


    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
    Martin Luther King Jr

    I got this from a recent Mike Pegg post  - he has been quietly churning out some great posts of late but this one on 3 tips for being at your best at big moments is terrific. It reminds me of one of my heroes, Michael Jordan, who talked a lot about rehearsing mentally for the big moment.

    Mike as usual takes you through 3 easy steps to help with pressure moments. I use some of the techniques myself such when delivering presentations (as I will tonight). I remember back to the best ones, the ones where people laughed and I was in a state of flow where words, anecdotes and humour comes easily. It's hard to do that when you're worrying about presenting and looking bad. One tip I often give people who are new to the presenting game as a big worry for most is being asked a question and looking stupid

    • It's almost inevitable that you know more than anyone in the audience on the topic you will present on so who can ask you a question you can't answer?.

    Of course, if you don't know more than your audience, you really have to question why you're up there!

  • Steve Clayton

    Geek Heirlooms



    I'm at home on Merseyside this weekend and did a long overdue review of some of my stuff that lays around my parents and brothers house. In particular I wanted to track down an old copy of Wired that I'm going to frame the cover of. It's the one with Apple and Pray and it makes me laugh now I think of the turnaround in their fortunes since that June 97 issue.

    Also pictured here is the original copy of Wired I bought for £3.75 in January 95. Wow that was a lot of cash when I was a struggling student and I only bought it due to the fantastic braille cover. I'd never seen Wired before and this black and white issue didn't quite prepare me for the onslaught of colour and design that was to follow over the next 12 years.

    The other two items in this picture are my final year dissertation from Uni and a Wired publication called Mind Grenades.

    The dissertation was titled "The Use Of The Internet In Education". Quite radical back in 1995 and I actually won an award for it as best in class. It used to be online at but sadly has long since gone :(

    This is just scratching the surface though. I unearthed a whole eBay store full of stuff my Bro and I could be making our millions from!

  • Steve Clayton

    Change your Vista logon screen



    I came across the little product whilst watching Jeff Sandquist show us around his home and was delighted to find it was a free download on the Stardock site. It does one job and does it well so I now have a dark aurora as the background my logon screen on Vista which suits by black Vaio nicely!

    Download for XP or Vista

  • Steve Clayton

    I'm in the social



    Got my Zune 8gb, got my ID and all set to go. You will find me at though to date I have no friends and no songs! Gaaah!!

    Meantime, hats off to the Zune guys for a great v2 product and to J Allard for his candid interview with the NY Times. We need more of that type...

    The less-than-enthusiastic response to the first generation of Zunes was an important learning experience.

    I’m a big believer in failing fast… If we skipped last year, we would have never come out with the product we did this year…

    Rock on.

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