December, 2007

  • Steve Clayton

    My gadgets have Apple clothes envy!


    I just commented on Maggie Fox's post about regarding What’s your technology wearing? and realised my technology has Apple clothes envy!!

    My Sony TZ lives in a Tucano notebook second skin when it's out on the town which is actually designed for a MacBook. My new Zune 8gb keeps cozy inside an Apple iPod sock as I couldn't find a good case for it.

    Eeeek. HELP.

  • Steve Clayton

    A busy day for Zune


    ComputerWorld reports that


    Microsoft's Zune Web site increased its traffic by 299 percent on Christmas Day compared with the same day a year ago, according to market researcher Hitwise


    Still a long way behind Apple and iTunes but every little helps :)

  • Steve Clayton

    What is a blog?


    This has been around for a while but I mentioned it to a few friends so decided to post it for them here - a very cool, simple and effective explanation of blogs and why they matter.

    Hat Tip to the guys at CommonCraft who have a lot more of these cool vids.

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Live Photogallery - panoramic video


    Hats off to Long who's found a whole load of Vista/Office/Live videos on YouTube. This one shows a feature I have talked about a lot on my blog and Angus regularly shows it in action on his.

    I guess the videos aren't as cool as the Apple/PC videos from Apple but at least we talk about what our OS can do in these videos rather than focus on a competitors shortcomings. I'm sure the Apple fanboys will tell me that's because OSX doesn't have any :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Social Networking add-ons for Outlook and IE


    Following Sarah's find of OutTwit earlier this year this last couple of weeks has seen 3 new add-ins for Microsoft apps to make them more socially network aware - specifically for Facebook. It shows a growing trend to integrate Social Networks (SN's) with commonly used applications and I expect to see more of it - both from Microsoft and 3rd parties. As Tim O'Reilly mentioned when I met him in Berlin, there is a lot more potential here - especially around Outlook which currently houses a lot of the worlds corporate data. The other app that strikes me as having a lot more potential here is Windows Live Messenger. I'd love a Facebook & Twitter tab in there.

    Anyway...on to these new add-ins. 

    First up is FBLook which provides a new toolbar inside Outlook where you can update your status and receive notifications. On first glance this looks pretty useful and un-intrusive.

    Sadly the same can't be said of My FB Toolbar which has lots of great functionality but has too much - specifically the Yahoo search engine which I don't really need consuming additional screen real estate when I can have it in my IE search options anyway. I quickly uninstalled this one.


    Last up is FBCal which I haven't tried yet but has potential but I would have preferred it to copy items from Facebook in to my Exchange calendar rather than create a standalone calendar. I don't have enough events in Facebook to warrant really needing this but the birthday sync is quite useful (though I get that from Fonebook already).

    It's cool to see these apps/add-on's and for the most part they're pretty well written and useful. What will be interesting to see is if and when these programs start to become part of the default features of business applications from the likes of Microsoft, Apple, IBM and others. At that point, consumer software starts to blend with business software and we'll have a whole category of BUSNess software.

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