January, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    I'm a Comic



    Heroes Happen Here features tech savvy crime fighters like Lord Firewall who "stands between chaos and order" - groovy. The first cartoon above reminded me of myself. When people ask what I do at Microsoft I tend to say "stuff" as it's less complicated than explaining what I actually do.

    I need to get this down to 60 seconds or less.

    As Information Week reported the HHH comic strips are being created by Jordan Gorfinkel, a former DC Comics editor who helped revitalize the Batman series. Kudos to the guys who hired him!

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft boys can dance


    Been there, done that. They dance better than me though.

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft TechNet ServerQuest gets some Blue Monster


    Video: The Blue Monster makes his video game debut


    I've been waiting on this for a while and it just released. Check out Microsoft TechNet - ServerQuest for some early nineties gaming action that includes Blue Monster.

    Just when you thought your eyes had finally healed from years of straining to make out pixelated adventure game graphics, Server Quest rolls into your browser like an avalanche of early nineties gaming action.

    In order to find out, you’ll have to dig deep into your surroundings, solve puzzles, and uncover Easter Eggs and mini games that will help you inch your way closer to the prize—and closer to carving your name into the annals of geekdom.  Look for Server Quest online at www.server-quest.com

    Kudos to Sudhir Diddee and the US team

  • Steve Clayton

    My event lineup


    [thanks to Ian for the photo]

    It's not even February yet and my diary is filling up with what promises to be a great series of events. Ian Forrester's blog reminded me of some of them so here's a hitlist of stuff I'm attending so far:


    • Mix08 - Microsoft's Las Vegas, March 5-7. Ray Ozzie just got confirmed and this is without my favourite Microsoft event.


    • Thinking Digital - Think TED or PopTech but for the UK and your on the right track. As Ian says "The line up is simply amazing and very diverse, just the kind of conference the UK really needs"....yep, me and Fake Steve Jobs at the same event :)May 21st- 23rd, at the Sage, Gateshead.


    • WorldWide Partner Conference - second favourite Microsoft conference and likely to be lots of Software plus Services content following on from last year.


    • PDC08 - It's back and it's in LA of course. Sure it's the week of my birthday but I'll be there. This should be a killer event and again, Software plus Services is likely to dominate the agenda.
  • Steve Clayton

    Ozzie at MIX08 after all


    Well this just sorta made my day :) Ask and ye shall receive....plenty of people have whispered to me "hey why is Ray not at MIX this year?" and there has been general surprise. Today it was confirmed he will be there

    "There’s lots of excitement with Silverlight, IE and much much more to share.”

    I kind of have an idea what he will share so REALLY looking forward to my Vegas trip now

    MJF must be happy too now. See you there Mary Jo :)

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