January, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Detoxing in Facebook



    I just read Lloyd's post on Detoxing in Facebook and decided to join him. Not least as I get ~15 spams a day from Facebook telling me someone has posted on my fun wall something that is rarely fun or has done something with a zombie to me.

    I still like Facebook but I need to turn down the noise. thanks for reminding me Lloyd. I just removed a load of apps and took the exit door from a bunch of groups I joined for reasons that escape me.

    Now Scoble has left, can the last person turn out the lights pls? :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Dell Crystal - wow



    In the words of Vista - WOW! I had this image on my blog a while back and thought it was just a prototype but today Dell announced their 22" crystal display. check out www.dell.com/crystal

    Walt Mossberg is going to have a to find some new superlatives for it.

    I need 2 of these RIGHT NOW.

  • Steve Clayton

    How I will be following CES - with Twitter



    Via Twitter of course. My latest addiction :)

    I unsubscribed from Engadget's RSS feed a while back due to volume of posts and the fact I was only interested in about 20% of the content but for CES, I need my fix and with a fast moving event Twitter is likely to be the best way to stay connected.


    Follow them at http://twitter.com/engadget - I'm astonished they have less than 1000 followers. I bet that it more like 3000 by early next week.


    oh and you can follow me at http://twitter.com/stevecla and if you're visiting the show, get some great tips from Scoble, Betsy and M3 Sweatt

  • Steve Clayton

    A new Windows Live Writer feature for me



    I've been using Windows Live Writer since day 1 (or pre day 1 with the internal beta) and I can't believe I hadn't found this feature until recently.

    After adding the Blog This button to Internet Explorer which I use religiously I recently came across this feature by accident:

    1. Highlight a string of text on the web page you are about to blog from
    2. Click the blog this button in IE
    3. Your new blog post has a link and title pre-written for you but also the highlighted text is inserted

    cool little time saver that I'm pretty sure everyone else knew about.

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  • Steve Clayton

    Holiday Work


    The 1st day of 2008 has been one of my most productive ever. Like Dilbert.

    I spent the day getting my house in order - literally. Man, I  have accumulated a lot in my ten years at Microsoft including a staggering array of mobile phones, largely Windows Mobile but also some others like Vodafone GX series. I really want to make some sort of museum of the mobile devices as it would look great. Some early Windows Powered device prototypes in there with memory boards sticking out the back and an original XDA prototype with BT on it (rather than O2).

    Also various XBOX's and associated hardware but worst of all more cables than you can shake a stick at. I'm convinced I have a cable for almost every occasion here. I have several bags of stuff that look snake infested and now need to find a responsible way of recycling them. Shout if any ideas pls.

    With that done I've been busy getting my digital house in order by sorting out my media centre and consolidating numerous PC's to be backed up on to 1 Lacie 500GB backup unit.

    All that and I've been keeping up with the geek news via Twitter which I am now officially sold on. More on that soon.

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