January, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Vaio's get some Zune treatment



    Not strictly true but the machines above reminded me of Zune Originals when I first saw them. Nice work from Sony and hat tip to CrunchGear

  • Steve Clayton

    Twitter: A Guide for Beginners



    I still consider myself a beginner so this post by Dosh Dosh on 17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners had some familiar stuff but some new considerations too.

    A few caught my attention and got me thinking


    • Twitter is becoming a great way to find the influencers and connect with them. By it's nature, Twitter is a where the early adopters are and it tends to be the social media types (sorry for that gross moniker) but you know who I mean. The people who shape what the rest of then latch on to. If you're a marketer in the tech industry you should probably be on Twitter already and using tools like Terraminds to find your target crowd


    If you have a press feed, you should probably hook it up to Twitter now. Let people choose to tune in to your news as they choose to. Spam them with email by all accounts but give them options. You probably have an RSS feed for your news already. If so, hook it up to Twitter now with Twitterfeed. Why? Well the BBC and The Guardian have feeds and they're both very popular. The BBC's were created by Mario rather than the BBC themselves as it happens. He just took their RSS feed and plugged it in to Twitterfeed. Trust me, it's a 5 minute job and will be a must have by the end of this year just like RSS was last year.


    • As above, ditto for the HR department - if you have cool jobs to share, why not put them on Twitter. Why isn't msftjobs a Twitter channel? I'm off to find out


    • Likewise, if you have a blog why not wire it up to Twitter with Twitterfeed. I found myself Twittering about my blog posts but now that happens automatically for me. Oh and it drives ~20% more traffic to my blog in my experience.


    • Are you having an event? Ensure you have a Twitter channel for it so you can quickly and easily distribute things like party locations, session times changing etc. It's like having a conference wide megaphone. Additional tip here is that you don't need to worry about ensuring people are tuned in. The crowd will do that themselves as word spreads fast. Also check out Craig's Eventtrack


    • [update] - Nick Halstead released Tweetmeme just after I published. it's a great way to see what's hot on Twitter


    that's all for now. Lots more thoughts on Twitter. Everyday in fact at http://twitter.com/stevecla

  • Steve Clayton

    Surfing on the bus



    I've heard good things about the Connector buses running around the Redmond area that provide free wifi to Microsofties on their way to work. Not being a huge public transport user, I was delighted to find we had the same technology on the bus that took me to Reading Station from our UK campus today. Okay, it's actually a 3G connection as far as I can tell but with only 2 other people on the bus I had all the bandwidth to myself.

    It still pains me that there is no decent WiFi service on trains in the UK though. I'm hopeful that McDonald's recent move to offer free WiFi in their restaurants will see others take the same approach. WiFi in Caffe Nero in particular is prohibitively expensive.

  • Steve Clayton

    Live Search is fast


    Live Search is officially fast :) Check out the blog post explaining all at  Windows Observer

  • Steve Clayton

    Presenting Bill Gates



    Bill Gates spoke at the World Economic Forum last week on a topic he called Creative Capitalism. It has had (and will continue to have) lots of coverage, not least as some will find the topic slightly ironic coming from Bill. It doesn't matter which side of the fence you sit on though, it's hard to disagree that he is changing the world with his foundation and his efforts. Not single handedly of course as his wife Melinda and others such as Bono are doing as much and maybe more. Other more authoritative writers will comment better on all of this than me. I just stand in awe. What I did want to comment on though is the presentation

    Garr Reynolds has been commenting in unusually positive terms about Bill's recent talks. I don't disagree with Garr on previous presentations and the fact that they're not in the same ballpark as Steve Jobs - it's a common comparison for the two giants of the software industry. Sometimes Bill is awesome though and like Garr, it's something I've been watching with interest of late. His delivery the last several times I have seen him has been outstanding. Check out the video above and then his CES presentation and his Harvard speech.

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