January, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    The Life Cycle of a Blog Post


    "You just need to know how to type" says Matthew Hurst, an artificial intelligence researcher who studies this ecosystem at Microsoft Live Labs. Sadly that's part of the problem of the blogosphere :)


    Great analysis from this month's Wired

  • Steve Clayton

    My Twitter wishlist



    I posted a few weeks back about my new found love for Twitter and mentioned I'd be posting more on this. I decided to wait a little to see if the honeymoon ended and I'm glad I did as a few things have changed:


    • I've attracted a lot more followers since then - approx 80 I think to a total today of 198. A lot less than many folks, but still a good base
    • I've added quite a few more folks since then - approx 50 largely from people I know but also quite a lot of the people who chose to follow me
    • I tend to add everyone who follows me and then remove if the signal to noise is too high
    • I'm Twittering slightly less and listening a lot more. I'm using Twitter more of a feed than an input. That changes each day depending on my workload
    • I know search each morning to see where or who has sent an @message to me using
    • I have lots of mainstream media feeds in Twitter. I estimate I visit the BBC's website 50% less because I get the stream of news I need from Twitter now
    • I have connected my blog to Twitter using Twitterfeed which has driven up traffic to my blog by about 20% (estimate)
    • I have noticed some of my favourite bloggers writing less on their blogs and more on Twitter. When they do blog, it's usually more lengthy, well thought out and often researched on Twitter for feedback. Hugh, Shel Israel, David Brain are all good examples I think.


    My feelings have not changed though. Twitter is still well on the way to a tipping point of widespread awareness as happened to Facebook last year. I predict we'll see a mobile phone ship with an inbuilt Twitter client this year (0.8 probability).

    Shel Israel wrote a great open letter to the Twitter guys this week. I only wish I could write as well as him as he articulates the current issues with Twitter and offers suggestions perfectly. These guys are on a great trajectory but need to work out a few issues such as availability and openness to truly accelerate. I'm sure they know that though. In parting, I'd like to add my own small wishlist, not so much for Evan Williams and Biz Stone but to readers of my blog who may be able to help. Stuff I'd like

    1. An add in to Windows Live Messenger (perhaps a tab) that shows my Twitter timeline (aka Twhirl integrated to IM)
    2. A list of Microsoft Tweeters - c'mon, the Oracle boys have one!
    3. A rock solid Windows Mobile client (though Twitter mobile via the browser is actually pretty good)


    that's all for now. I'm still enjoying the Twitter ride and slowly but surely my friends like Ben Tamblyn, Tony Cocks & Andy Faz are joining.

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Ads #6


    I'm no great fan of either stars of the video but it's a great ad.

  • Steve Clayton

    Bono, Bill and Blue Monster


    These guys keep appearing in videos together. I fully expect to see Bill in the next U2 video.

    Lots of good talk in this video but right there at the end Bono (31:10) gives us a little Blue Monster. Rock on as my pal Hugh would say :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Quotes #4



    “No one should be ashamed to admit they are wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that they are wiser today than they were yesterday.” - Alexander Pope

    Courtesy of my friend John Caswell

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