January, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Software plus Services isn't smoke and mirrors


    Okay, *I* know that, but it's my job right? It's good to know my brother is keeping an eye on this space too. He pinged me this piece from Silicon.com this week that talks us through it from an independent perspective.

    In The truth about software as a service Bob Tarzey says:

    Microsoft's attempt to redefine SaaS as software plus services is not simply smoke and mirrors - it is describing reality


    Hallelujah. Software plus Services really isn't that different from how some software is currently used. What is different though is that it's going to start becoming more prevalent. Software vendors are moving more and more in this direction and customers will demand it more often as they see the benefit this new choice affords them.

    Microsoft is on this path in all areas of our business...we're just not so great at explaining it at times so thanks Bob!

  • Steve Clayton

    The Red Office Squiggle


    Lovin' this cartoon from Scott today :)
  • Steve Clayton

    Give me your beautiful Macintosh clothing


     Microsoft_mouse_old_270x410 Microsoft_Mouse_new_270x409

    I read Ina Fried's post about our Mac packaged mouse with interest last week. I actually looked at this mouse in the company store in Redmond and nearly bought one as they look so cool. I'm pretty sure I would have bought one had it been on display in the white packaging. Why? Like many I'm a sucker for good packaging - it's all part of the OOBE (out of box experience). It's why you see people gushing about opening their iPod's and it being a Zen like experience. The same is true of the Zune Originals packaging.

    I showed the two images above to some friends and they all said they would pick the Mac packaging. They didn't care about 1000dpi lasers or other features. If they want to know that stuff they said they would read the manual (or probably the website or Engadget). It's clear that aesthetics impresses them - not "speeds and feeds".

    My point is we're clearly learning from the famous iPod re-design video but my personal view is we should just get cleaner with all of our packaging. Oh and get rid of those stickers all over laptops. I mean, it's my laptop right so it should be my choice as to whether it comes with Intel and Energy and Nvidia stickers. Or at least make them easy to peel off my £1800 laptop.

    Back to the mice though. Had I been at Macworld and responsible for this product I would have given a tonne of them away - or done a trade in like the Jawbone guys did. Why? Free marketing and marketing of the best kind. Word of Mouth (WOM). That's probably why I'm now in marketing though :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows (Product) Red




    Now official and Robert McLaws has some great images and coverage. Love those banners on campus.

  • Steve Clayton

    Wanna come to our launch?


    On 19 March, the ICC in Birmingham, Microsoft UK will launch Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008. We'll feature real-world IT heroes and showcase some of the latest technologies. You can be there!

    Register now – places are extremely limited

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