February, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Arrived in Dublin


    beak beak beak

    Anyone in town? Txt me on +44 7802 882 622 if so

  • Steve Clayton

    Loving Livestation



    Quick screenshot of my desktop from a moment ago - suring and watching BBC News 24 in a window - thanks to Livestation and Silverlight. Love it!

  • Steve Clayton

    Your Inner and Outer Circles with Twitter


    A great way to think about Twitter by David Armano

  • Steve Clayton

    The Black Magic of Redmond



    Something occurred to me last week whilst I was sat in different offices in Redmond - this is where magic gets built.

    Specifically I was sat in the Windows Live offices and realised the folks who actually assemble the 1's and 0's to make Live Writer live here. I wanted to go find them and personally shake them by the hand and say thanks. I love their work.

    As I moved around the offices during the week it almost started to feel a little eery that the products I was literally using at that moment were written by someone in that building. Exchange, Office, Internet Explorer, Photosynth, SeaDragon and more. These folks build products that touch millions of people yet they're invisible for the most part. In fact in all of these buildings I wouldn't know where to look for them. It's not like a car factory floor where you can spot the things being built and separate the suits from the worker bees. In Redmond they all look the same.

    I don't really have a point here except to say that Redmond has this sort of black magic energy that I love. I've always known it's there but last week I had time to think about it. All around you things are being built. They difference to many other built things is you can't really see them, they just come out of the ether as a well formed set of bits.

    Spooky. But cool.

  • Steve Clayton

    Digital Nomads. Dopplr's next move?


    Randi Lynn Beach for The New York Times

    I read two different articles this weekend that made me think of how I am increasingly a "digital nomad". The first was in The Times of London entitled Coffee shops beat the office grind and then my friend Aaron pointed me to a NY Times article -  They're Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side. Aaron suggested I'd like the latter and though I'm not totally sure how he came to that conclusion, he's read me well.

    Increasingly I find myself working from home or a hotel room in my current job. Sometimes I like the solitude but more often than not, I find myself hankering after a coffee or lunch out of the house. This may have something to do with my poor cooking skills but I think it has more to do with my need to have other folks around. I don't necessarily need to talk to them, I just like the buzz. I think.

    The Times article is more about people in London who tend to work from a coffee shop and pay for WiFi and mentions that the well known UK radio journo Simon Mayo spends more time in Starbucks than at his office. The article leads with an interesting notion that Starbucks is selling space rather than coffee. That's an interesting notion that may justify their WiFi pricing which I have lambasted recently. Though McDonald's has free WiFi you certainly wouldn't want to spend more time than a quick email sync there (at least in the Chiswick store where you'll be terrorised by yoofs).

    The NY Times article introduces a new concept for me - that of coworking and the increasingly popularity of people renting space in a collaborative office. Want to work in a loft in NYC for the day with other creatives because you enjoy the vibe? Hop on over to coworking.pbwiki.com. There are spots in most major US cities and some in London. Tara Hunt provides space in her Citizen Agency offices in SanFran and I'm looking forward to asking her about this some more as we're both speaking at the Thinking Digital conference this summer.

    So is this Regus but for the digital nomad? I think there's a whole new business here, especially as the portfolio worker is on the rise.

    If I were Dopplr, I'd be thinking about this. A LOT.

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