February, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Mobile Search In Action


    Looks like a new thread of HHH cartoons...I like this one. We should use in our Windows Live ads.

  • Steve Clayton

    Zune Games


    This bodes well - XNA Studio developed games on Zune's. Engadget has some more details but as @kr8tr twittered "Write a game once and have it on the XBOX 360, the PC, AND the Zune?! Really. Amazing. Really amazing". Yup. 

    Pac Man would be great, and Tetris, and Galaxian, and, and and..... :)

    Larry Larsen has some more info at On10

  • Steve Clayton

    Another Day In Paraside



    It's been a long week here in Redmond with lots of meetings and discussion around Software plus Services. The next 6 months are going to be action packed and MIX08 and PDC in particular I'm really looking forward to.

    Some days though you just know your luck is in - I walked in to our Red West A building today to find a Surface unit setup in the lobby waiting to be played with. I can't play the piano but gave it a damn good try :)

    Check out the video for full evidence.

    It's amazing to watch the reaction this table gets - people walk by and then stop and go "ohh, it's a Surface" and then cant' help but play with it. Pretty soon a crowd forms.

  • Steve Clayton

    wonky iPhone



    See, this doesn't just happen to Microsoft :) Taken from an iPhone mega display at an O2 store with an OSX WiFi error in the middle of it.

    Hat tip to Paul O'Brien

  • Steve Clayton

    How Big Is Your Music Collection?


    I'd hazard a guess that some of my readers have pretty extensive (digital) music collections that they can boast of down at the pub. You can't fit all those tunes on your 80gb Zune or iPod right? Well you're not alone....how about this collection:

    3 Million Records
    300,000 Compact Discs
    More Than 6 Million Song Titles

    It's the undisputed largest collection of recorded music in the world....and it's up for sale. The estimated worth is $50m but it's currently bidding on eBay for $3m. The owner, Paul Mawhinney, has been building this collection for over 40 years. Legally blind and fighting diabetes, he wants to spend more time with his five grandchildren hence the goods are on the block!

    Love to know what New Order originals are in there...

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