February, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Word Of Mouth Career Advice


    Brilliant. Thanks David and James.

    btw, this holds true for many more careers than marketing.

    [update] Seth Godin on a similar topic

  • Steve Clayton

    A Twitter tipping point?



    I've bored most of my friends to death with Twitter this Twitter that recently and even have 2 "counselling" sessions next week with people in our UK office to help them "get" Twitter. Maybe an article in The Economist can bring some gravitas to the conversation.

    It's a short article, though more than 140 characters, but does a good job of explaining what all the noise is about. It left me with a few new soundbites to help explain the phenomenon


    1. Twitter, favours observation rather than analysis
    2. Twitter is the "two-sentence observation"
    3. The medium is hard to dismiss as a reporters' tool, particularly in countries where cell-phone networks reach farther than the Internet

    On that last one, Twitter makes a very fine democratic reporting tool.

    Hat tip to Andrew Munro for sending this to me

    Campaign tools | A-twitter | Economist.com

  • Steve Clayton

    Quickly locking your Windows PC



    Okay, I know you can press Windows Key + L but I really like to have an icon in my taskbar for this little task so every time I install a Windows OS I tend to add this as one of my first tweaks. Why? Well I learnt early on at Microsoft that leaving your PC unlocked when you walk off to get coffee can result in email being sent from your account that can be quite embarrassing :)

    Here's how to create a quick lock app on your taskbar

    1. Right click on your deksotp and select New, Shortcut
    2. Paste this text in - rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
    3. Click next and type a name for the shortcut (e.g. Lock)
    4. Click finish
    5. You can right click on your new shortcut and change the icon (there is a lock icon as part of the collection in %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll)
    6. Now drag the icon to your taskbar

    Done :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Information Architects - All Change



    I think we can safely say the Information Architects team are no fans of Microsoft but it may be that their recent Trend Map may have some delays on the line if the Yahoo deal goes through. They claim that Microsoft will not be happy as "Passport" has no significance. Well Passport has gone guys and it's now Windows Live ID. You'd think they would have found that from Wikipedia right? Nah, easier to just make it up and ignore the 380 million users logging in over 1.2 billion times a day. Small fry.

    Whilst we're on Live, go check out Live Labs guys. Seadragon, Photosynth, Deepfish anyone? On and Windows Live Writer and Popfly and Silverlight.

    I got a little tired with the rest of the cheap shots but that's okay as they "included plenty of insider jokes, ironic hints, and sarcasm". Marking Microsoft down as exhausted must be an insider joke about the $52bn :)

    I love their maps, I'm just not sure how rooted in reality they are.

  • Steve Clayton

    Sony Vaio TZ vs. Apple MacBook Air


    Oh I love this MacBook Air parody ad. The Vaio TZ in this "commercial" is the same machine I have and it's a truly amazing piece of kit. I'm sure Sony are going to offer me their new flagship 64GB SSD version for the amount of them I have resold through word of mouth marketing (hint hint) :)

    Hat tip to Mitch Joel for the video and David Brain for pointing me there

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