March, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Back on the grid



    What a day – 10 hours ago we started packing a van with all our worldly goods and now' we’ve landed – albeit about a quarter mile down the road from where we lived. Our new place has so much space by comparison….though it doesn’t feel that way right now with boxes everywhere.

    We had a Pole and an Irishman helping us move so a day of fine banter. I arrived truly shocked to find only two wireless networks in my vicinity and both locked down. How could they…did nobody tell them I was coming? A few days of 3G connectivity then until the boys at BT flip their switch and connect me properly back to the grid.

    Here is my humble new workspace. Yes that is a Mac and no those are not my curtains. I do have some taste!

    have a great weekend all!

  • Steve Clayton

    Moving continues


    My 1000th Flickr image. Quite apt.

    That’s my signed Liverpool shirt heading out the door….

  • Steve Clayton

    Scoble gambling on Google


    Dennis Howlett has laid a $500 bet at Scoble’s door following Robert’s “Google is making a run for the enterprise” post this week. I read the post and almost replied but Dennis did a way better job than I could have.

    No question Google is looking to make in roads in to the enterprise - and will keep Microsoft and other enterprise players on their toes with new tactics – but Dennis hits some important points. Let’s take one of them


    The environmental angle is interesting but again, IT has much larger fish to fry than worrying about the gas an Exchange server uses. Rather, they’re more likely to call up HP and see what they’re doing in virtualization to drive down operating cost. Despite the attention given to all things green, sadly I see little appetite to take ‘green’ seriously.


    Or maybe just move their existing email system and all of its integration in to the cloud. Kinda like Coca Cola just agreed to with 75,000 users on Microsoft Online.

  • Steve Clayton

    Gordon Brown is Twittering




    Chris from Liveside just alerted me to the fact that our Prime Minister is Twittering. Well…someone from No 10 is Twittering anyway. Good on ‘em for keeping up with the digerati.

    More fun though is the IM chat Chris and I had about setting up a Fake Steve Jobs style blog from No 11 Downing Street. We decided against it as there is far far too much material to work with and we both have day jobs :)

    ….just imagine his Twitter conversations today with Ms Sarkozy and Carla Bruni in town. Brilliant.

  • Steve Clayton

    Sony goes Thunderbirds



    I just got this in an email from Sony. It’s a pretty nice looking device but here’s what grabbed my attention

    “Freedom from wires”

    but the image shows two sets of headphones and one of them with wires. I think what they’re saying is you have a choice but if the key selling point is freedom from wires, you’d think the image would support that. Maybe we’re not supposed to see the wires, kinda like Thunderbirds :)

    Or did I miss something?

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