March, 2008

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    This is the second ad I have seen using this format in the last week – GMail beta was the other one but I’ve lost the link to that.

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    Bill Gates signed XBOX



    Making things right - hats off to the XBOX team. Clearly Bill has different coloured pens in his office :)


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    Apple of the Valley’s Eye


    Another seminal cover for an issue of Wired – over 10 years since their Pray cover. The article is a good read too though I suspect Leander Kahney will not be getting invited to MacWorld in a hurry.

    What I really liked about this article is it lays bare the reason Apple can be so different in it’s tactics around press, marketing etc. Because they own the whole shebang. I hear way too many Microsoft people saying “oh we should do this and that in the way Apple does”. Face it people, we can’t. We’re a company built on partnerships that precludes the kind of secrecy that Apple (well, Steve Jobs) demands. Even Jobs himself admitted that was the one thing Apple could learn from Microsoft in the All Things D interview he did alongside Bill Gates.

    I’m a big fan of Steve Jobs but one thing I’ve read here really really made me dislike him. I don’t care who you are…parking in bays reserved for the disabled is lazy. I could call it a number of other things but I suspect Jobs hasn’t really been called lazy before so chose that one.

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    It all started here



    This week sees many people remembering the BBC Micro – for me the first real computer I ever dabbled with aged about 7 I think. We had a whole bank of these 8-bit, 128k units back at my school (Wirral Grammar) and marvelled at programming on them using a teletext type system. As Darren Waters says, it’s now hard to believe that the UK national broadcaster worked with Acorn to bring a computer to the masses. In the same way people lust after the next big thing from XBOX or Playstation back then we were in awe of the Acorn Acrhimedes and it’s Lander game. Not half as good as Elite on the Micro though… changes, people don’t eh :)

    Over 1.5m of these machines were sold and for me it’s a true icon alongside the Altair and Apple Lisa.

    Hand up who had a BBC Micro….you still love it right? I wish I had one to sit alongside my Apple Mac Classic at home now. Heirlooms! Maybe I’ll just have to go with a fridge magnet :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Dell PRODUCT (RED), XPS One Now Available in UK



    Dell PRODUCT (RED), XPS One Now Available in U.K., France and Germany - Direct2Dell - The Official Dell blog

    Do I bit the bullet and buy one as I said I would or will I struggle to get it pas the gadget police? Hmmm…..anyone know where I can see one in the UK?? Richard@DELL are you out there :)

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