March, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Why Is GMail Still in Beta?


    Sidebar by Eric Gillin

    Not the kind of thing I expected to see covered in Esquire but it started a fun conversation between Darren Strange, myself and a PR chap we know about what beta means these days. I have my own views but would love to hear yours...does beta mean the same these days in the Web 2.0 world? Should anyone care? Should enterprises betting their business on this stuff care?

    Answers on a postcard....or here in the comments section.

    [update] I notice the unofficial Google blog has their own views - "Gmail still has problems with scalability and server errors are still frequent", though the same could be levelled at Live, Blackberry, Salesforce and others over the last month. Should they all add a beta tag as a get of out of jail free card??

  • Steve Clayton

    How to get 600+ positive comments on your blog


    Simple. Listen to your customers and then deliver what they want. Hat's off the the IE8 team and their post on Microsoft's Interoperability Principles and IE8 .

    Read more from Scoble on why MIX08 last week was a very good week for Microsoft on the web. No question that PDC is going to be the place to be in late October.

    Bonus Link: 41 Blog Success Tips from 10 Years of Blogging You Can Learn Today from Chris Garrett

  • Steve Clayton

    It all started here



    This week sees many people remembering the BBC Micro – for me the first real computer I ever dabbled with aged about 7 I think. We had a whole bank of these 8-bit, 128k units back at my school (Wirral Grammar) and marvelled at programming on them using a teletext type system. As Darren Waters says, it’s now hard to believe that the UK national broadcaster worked with Acorn to bring a computer to the masses. In the same way people lust after the next big thing from XBOX or Playstation back then we were in awe of the Acorn Acrhimedes and it’s Lander game. Not half as good as Elite on the Micro though… changes, people don’t eh :)

    Over 1.5m of these machines were sold and for me it’s a true icon alongside the Altair and Apple Lisa.

    Hand up who had a BBC Micro….you still love it right? I wish I had one to sit alongside my Apple Mac Classic at home now. Heirlooms! Maybe I’ll just have to go with a fridge magnet :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Limited Edition Zune for MIX09?


    I'm busy downloading the MIX08 sessions I couldn't get to on to my Zune today - they'll keep me entertained on the Tube for the next week or so. This got me thinking though....a nice addition for next years MIX at registration could be this


    You pay for a Zune 8gb and when you collect it has all the sessions pre-loaded - or you collect at registration and have the sessions all loaded as a podcast URL you can subscribe to and download throughout.


    With great podcast support and WiFi sync on the Zune this would be a killer app for all those with long flights home. What do you think? A good call for MIX09? Maybe we could even get the Zune team to ship a limited edition Zune :)

  • Steve Clayton



    If you're a U2 fan this is a must - it's like being on stage next to the boys as they perform. I'm biased as I'm a huge fan and went to see it in London last night. 5 out of 5 from me....though I was the IMAX had jacked the volume up to 11 :)


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