March, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Why Is GMail Still in Beta?


    Sidebar by Eric Gillin

    Not the kind of thing I expected to see covered in Esquire but it started a fun conversation between Darren Strange, myself and a PR chap we know about what beta means these days. I have my own views but would love to hear yours...does beta mean the same these days in the Web 2.0 world? Should anyone care? Should enterprises betting their business on this stuff care?

    Answers on a postcard....or here in the comments section.

    [update] I notice the unofficial Google blog has their own views - "Gmail still has problems with scalability and server errors are still frequent", though the same could be levelled at Live, Blackberry, Salesforce and others over the last month. Should they all add a beta tag as a get of out of jail free card??

  • Steve Clayton

    The commercial potential of DeepZoom


    [use your mouse of the + and - signs top left to zoom in on the Paul Smith logo on the handkerchief. you'll get the full effect...also take a look at the metal on the umbrella and the bottom left of the wallet where you'll even see Made in Italy embossed]

    My friend Paul Dawson from Conchango delivered a great session at MIX08 recently where he talked about end to end experiences and gave a great insight in to Virgin Galactic along the way. As I thought about how DeepZoom is going to change the web I remembered a comment from his session.

    Just towards the end of the session he mentioned the fashion brand Oli and a guest in the audience (presumably from Oli) mentioned that the interactive nature of that site has shown a higher conversion rate from browsers to buyers. Double in fact. That's monumental for the web.

    It got me thinking about stuff I don't buy online that maybe I'd like to, or even like to just explore more. My friends know I'm a big fan of Paul Smith and what I love about many of his pieces is the attention to detail on stitching or perhaps colouring using his famous multistripe design. I can almost guarantee that with DeepZoom on a website like Paul Smith or others I'd buy more stuff. So let's do some quick maths based purely on assumptions:

    1. Assumption #1 - a popular online store gets say, 10,000 visitors per month
    2. Assumption #2 - only 10% buy something
    3. Assumption #3 - average purchase price is £50
    4. Calculation #1 - £50k per month turnover from the website
    5. Assumption #3 - adding DeepZoom will make 20% buy something
    6. Assumption #4 - average purchase price rises to £100
    7. Calculation #2 - £200k per month turnover from the website
    8. Calculation #3 - DeepZoom = 4 fold increase in sales

    this is real napkin maths of course and I have no idea how accurate those figures are but doing a quick straw poll of one (my other half) she looks at Net-a-Porter quite often but has *never* bought anything from the site. Mainly as she likes to look at items and try them on but having shown her DeepZoom she thinks there is a strong likelihood this would change.

  • Steve Clayton

    Download Internet Explorer 8 beta 1



    Dean Hachamovitch just finished the first public demos of IE8. Beta 1 is now ready for download.

    loved the connection events demo...v cool. as are web slices. check out once you have downloaded IE8

    oh and check out the performance comparisons

  • Steve Clayton

    Prepare to be blown away with Deep Zoom



    I've loved SeaDragon since I first saw it and now it's in Silverlight 2.0 and called Deep Zoom. At MIX08 today we saw an amazing demo of this technology from Hard Rock Cafe. It'll blow you away


    Duncan from TechCrunch said it best

    Where’s Scoble, this is nearly worth crying over. Zoom into a thumb print on a huge picture, quick in and out. Live on later this week

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft architecture diagrams - with DeepZoom



    Another great idea for the use of DeepZoom - those massive architecture posters Microsoft publishes. aristippus suggested we put them online with DeepZoom so I tried it out with a few.

    See what you think. Should all of our posters be available this way?

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