April, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    What’s the point of Live Mesh?



    One of Microsoft’s “most web-savvy execs” explains to Scott Bicheno of Hexus.net
    Well….sort of. I enjoyed the chat with Scott and he picked up on the Outlook analogy very well. When we added cached mode to Outlook the user experience improved dramatically. You can think of Live Mesh providing the same capability for files and applications with the cloud MOE and local MOE stores.

    Jeremy talks about this in Live Mesh team video at around 13 minutes.

  • Steve Clayton

    Wanna see Live Mesh on a Mac? and Windows Mobile?



    got to 37 minutes in Ori’s video on Channel 9 and you see the Mesh client running on a Mac and working with OSX’s Photo Booth. For good measure you also get to see Mesh working on a Windows Mobile (HTC Touch) and a Samsung UMPC. Very nice.

    Now…where do I sign up for some of that? :)

  • Steve Clayton

    MacBook Air vs X300


    This is doing the rounds on the web and I wasn’t going to repost but it pretty much captured why I wouldn’t go down the MacBook Air route – it’s truly beautiful hardware but for once may be too much form over function.

  • Steve Clayton

    How To Think Like...



    Several years ago I attended some course delivered by Nicholas Bate of Strategic Edge. If I’m brutally honest Nick and I didn’t hit it off during the first course. I was a petulant student but by the second course I really enjoyed listening and learning from him.

    We both moved on to new stuff but thanks to the blogosphere found each other again in the last year or so and have followed each others blogs since. Nick has very kindly shared some of his recent books with me and this week I got a new batch. I’ll slowly work my way through the books but there are two great short publications available in PDF from Nick’s blog

    The first is How To Think Like and is a short read on how you can learn from Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and others. The second is You Were There and takes you through some historical moments. Both are quick and fun to read.

  • Steve Clayton

    Live Mesh and Twitter



    34 minutes in to his Channel 9 interview, Ori demos Twitter working with Live Mesh news.

    Lots of good analysis coming out on Live Mesh now that the hoopla is over. Steve Gillmor, Phil Wainewright and others. It sounds like Scoble is still mulling it :)

    I did a couple of press interviews myself this week and lots of good questions coming in along with genuine enthusiasm. I tried to get away with the notion that Live Mesh makes your devices come alive but was told I needed to explain the “come alive” bit as it was too buzzwordy :) This thing is definitely easier to demo than talk about…that’s when it really does come alive for people.

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