April, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    See Madonna live via MSN tomorrow



    Madonna's gig at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC tomorrow will be available via live stream - to MSN users in the US only. Jealous :)

    more info in the MSN music site.

  • Steve Clayton

    Live Mesh - An Overview



    I shared one of my 3 invites for Live Mesh with a UK blogger, John Davies – not least as he’s from my home town but also as I know he’d dig in to it and write some good stuff. After a few days of use he’s written up his thoughts in Live Mesh - An Overview.

    As John observes:


    The first thing you should do, is watch Ori Amiga: Programming the Mesh. The scope of this project is absolutely mind bending


    Spot on. You watch Ori and you realise two things

    1. The Live Mesh team know they have something revolutionary on their hands
    2. The potential for Live Mesh is much more than people are thinking at the moment

    Hats off to John for the review. A lot of people who requested I share an invite with them simply said “give me an invite” but John and others got the invites as I knew they’d play and review.

  • Steve Clayton

    Surface goes live at AT&T



    Cool video of Surface now in action at AT&T stores in the US. This technology just has so much potential to revolutionize how we use computers in everyday life. The London Tube would be a great start as would tourist maps of London.

  • Steve Clayton

    Ever been lost in Office 2007? No more…



    With the Search Commands from Officelabs.com you can now unearth the commands you cant’ find in the ribbon for Office 2007 Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Just type what you’re looking for in your own words and click the command you need – it’s very fast too and includes Guided Help. I see Long has already found it.

  • Steve Clayton

    Officelabs.com is live



    Very cool – we’re seeing more of this skunkworks type stuff come to the fore at Microsoft which I think is terrific. We’re unleashing our talent on the web a little more.


    Officelabs.com went live today and it a proving ground for ideas that come from regular employees and interns who work anywhere in Microsoft. There are already some great downloads such as the much requested “find a command in Office 2007” add-in. Long Zheng will be happy :)

    InkSeine is another download that my boss, a huge Tablet PC fan, is going to love.

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