April, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Jeff Bezos On Innovation


    “I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you're going to innovate….If you're going to do something that's never been done before—which is basically what innovation is—people are going to misunderstand it just because it's new.

    I love this quote from Bezos in his Business Week interview last week.

  • Steve Clayton

    Money money money


    Just found my nephews Christmas present. In fact I probably need one of these myself :)

    Hat tip to Plip

  • Steve Clayton

    How to get a Live Mesh invite


    It’s simple – find a friend who is already using Live Mesh and get them to invite you. Everyone has 2 invites built in to their account. I was lucky enough to get a few more which I distributed this week via my blog.

    Scott has the details and Nadia form the Live Mesh team confirmed that this invite process works. What’s more, everyone who you send an invite to automatically gets 2 invites so whoever you share with can then share the love on.


    if this doesn’t work for you we’re doing a limited Tech Preview now, but we’ll be adding customers regularly over time. If you would like to get your name on the waiting list, please follow these instructions:

    1. Go to http://connect.microsoft.com
    2. Click Connection Directory
    3. Sort by ‘Connection Name (A-Z)’ to easily find our program, Live Mesh Tech Preview
    4. Click Apply Now
  • Steve Clayton

    Analsyts on Live Mesh



    Let’s be honest, analysts are often pretty skeptical about anything new from Microsoft but the quotes from Neil MacDonald, an analyst at Gartner on Live Mesh are encouraging.


    "The announcement finally puts something real behind Microsoft's 'Software + Services' slogan. Live Mesh is "not tied just to Windows," he noted. "It acknowledges that no single device will dominate in the world of the consumer Web."

    For developers, he added, the synchronization service is language- and platform-neutral. And, MacDonald said, "unlike traditional Microsoft-architected products, the architecture of Live Mesh is based on small, loosely coupled services."

    these quotes were taken form the Computerworld post - Analysts: With Live Mesh, Microsoft tries to shift Web 2.0 playing field back to its strengths

    Other analysts quoted were not so positive though including Jason Bloomberg, at ZapThink LLC who thinks we’re moving backwards.

    Time will tell as this is only a tech preview and only really of the user experience. Post PDC will be a great time to have another look at their views!

  • Steve Clayton

    MacBook Air spotted in Microsoft video


    Amit Mital introduced Live Mesh to the world at Web 2.0 yesterday and showed a cool promo video he showed at the beginning of the brief talk. During the video, a photos is seen being distributed around the Mesh of a family and “dad” is at the airport with a a MacBook Air. (it was running OSX too :))

    A MacBook Air in a Microsoft video? Yep…things are changin’ and no surprise to me that this team is leading the way with a videos that’s in touch with the reality that yes, people do use other computers beyond PC.

    I'm trying to source the video itself to share with you but click play above and wait a few minutes in to the talk to see it. Oh and the rest of the video is actually well worth watching!

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