April, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Announcing C3PO – The Cloud Computing Conference



    Well, not really….it was just a joke in my earlier post and I wanted to be the first to announce a Cloud Computing Conference as it’ll be all the rage next year. Consider that term copyrighted kids, along with the C3PO acronym :) O’Reilly, you can have it for £100!

  • Steve Clayton

    Get Mesh!


    Dive Mesh

    MJF and the Liveside boys don’t miss much – they noticed this Get Mesh! session at Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco to be presented by Amit Mital. I wonder what we’ll see in those 10 short minutes? Almost wish I was going to SF now!

  • Steve Clayton

    Cloud Programming for Dummies


    Well I love their logo for a start… :) Richard McManus offers his usual insight over at ReadWriteWeb and one suspects this is the first salvo in a new era of computing. Well, Amazon fired the first salvo and has been doing incredibly well and I personally find this whole area fascinating.

    I’d love to try App Engine out but I can’t program for toffee (colloquial UK term) and thought Python was a brand of snake (joke). There will no doubt be a tonne of Web 2.0 and 3.0 startups that use this infrastructure to build “the next big thing” but I also wonder what value there is in having hobbyist/non-pro tools be able to play in this sandpit using something like Popfly. That’s what I’d really like but – cloud programming for dummies (with the greatest respect to the Popfly team)

    Maybe this is the title of the book I’ve been thinking I must write soon….

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Data Center in a box



    “Microsoft is in the process of building the industry's first container-based datacenter.”

    The whole datacenter topic is one I expect to find myself talking about more and more over the next year. A whole new game is emerging that some call Cloud Computing. One way of building these datacenters is through the use of containers and Michael Manos from our Data Center Services group talked about this yesterday at the AFCOM Data Center World conference. (Wow, there is a world conference for datacenters).

    Christian Belady in the same group as Michael has a rather interesting job title - Principal Power and Cooling Architect.

    You may chuckle but this stuff is important. Both the datacenters and and the power and cooling stuff. Datacenters that are so large you can see them from the moon will require a lot of power….and a lot of cooling. In an increasingly eco friendly world, this needs to be done in an environmentally friendly way.

    I can’t say a great deal about our datacenter group but I will say this – they’re incredibly thorough about their work. In a way I wish some other groups were to be honest. When you build something that costs many many millions you need to be damn sure you chose the right place and approach. These guys impress me a lot and I’m not alone

    bonus link - Microsoft's James Hamilton has made some interesting presentations on this and related topics and blogged about this far more eloquently than I just did :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Live Mesh – I have 3 invites



    I strong armed the Live Mesh team in to giving me a few extra invites to share with friends. So, hand up who wants to experience the future? Please deliver a low mileage Ferrari 430 Scuderia to my home address this weekend and one is yours :)

    Seriously, let me know here why you think you should be a lucky recipient and I’ll confirm the winners on Friday night GMT.


    I’m going to announce early as I want to ensure these folks make it inside the 10,000 entrants of the preview. US only so I can’t guarantee it will work but after long deliberation my winners are

    1. Jon Paul (should be obvious why!)
    2. Davidacoder – I can’t wait to hear about Mesh climate change!
    3. nanexcool – he was in first and watched the Ozzie video. respect!

    Judges decision is final….unless the Ferrari shows up :)
    Invites will be on their way fellas. If I get more I already have a list of the next 5 :)

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