Live Mesh – I have 3 invites

Live Mesh – I have 3 invites

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I strong armed the Live Mesh team in to giving me a few extra invites to share with friends. So, hand up who wants to experience the future? Please deliver a low mileage Ferrari 430 Scuderia to my home address this weekend and one is yours :)

Seriously, let me know here why you think you should be a lucky recipient and I’ll confirm the winners on Friday night GMT.


I’m going to announce early as I want to ensure these folks make it inside the 10,000 entrants of the preview. US only so I can’t guarantee it will work but after long deliberation my winners are

  1. Jon Paul (should be obvious why!)
  2. Davidacoder – I can’t wait to hear about Mesh climate change!
  3. nanexcool – he was in first and watched the Ozzie video. respect!

Judges decision is final….unless the Ferrari shows up :)
Invites will be on their way fellas. If I get more I already have a list of the next 5 :)

  • pls. add me

    THX ;)

  • Please cosider me as one of the luckkiest person.

    Thanks in adv,


  • I was stupid enough to watch the 36 min video on Channel 9 FIRST, and THEN go to to try and grab an invitation,  instead of the other way around (great video BTW), losing my chance of an invite.

    So, I guess you could give me an invite to reward my stupidity? :P

    nanexcool at gmail or at hotmail

  • Hi Steve,

    Ok, here is why I would like to have a Live Mesh invitation:

    I'm participating in the Imagine Cup competition, and I see a clearly direct relation of Live mesh with my application. So I would like to the see the real capabilities of Live Mesh in order to plan an integration of Live Mesh in our app in the future.

    Thank you,

  • I forgot my email:

    jair.cazarin [at] gmail [dot] com

  • please add me anthony.tarlano [at] hotmail [dot] com

  • why?

    1. It looks ace and I want to try it out

    2. I'll blog about it and I have a decent readership

    3. I'm a scouser


  • Jon Paul - like it, scouser angle :)

  • sorry about this, more scouser colleagues jumping on the bandwagon at my end.......prawlings[at] i should remain a higher priority, as he's originally from wigan, and I am Bootle to the core ( currently residing sunny sevvy park).

  • I'd like to think of something witty or clever to put here, but alas, it's too early in the morning :) I could say that as a Windows Live MVP, I'm in a prime position to give feedback on the service though (if I ever get to access it...)

    In the unlikely event I get one of the invites, Steve, you have my Live ID :) (my IM address).


  • I'll throw my name in the pot :)

    Why?  Hmmm...

    1.  It looks very cool and I'm still waiting for a account so need some new toys to play with :)

    2.  I'm writing some strategy docs at the moment and it would be good to understand mesh so I can include it in there somewhere

    3.  It looks like the UK is outside the initial preview

  • I was just about to ask for an invite when I read your last sentence. Microsoft would be lucky to have me as a tester, not the other way around!

  • Gotta love the scouser requests - marvellous!

    Already running the Mesh and lovin' it!

  • Hmm...a reason. How about..."I've been evangelizing this stuff for ages on my blog without even really knowing what it was. Now that its released I can't even get to play".

    If that doesn't work how about "I'll buy you a guinness at the C&H this evening"?


  • 3 invite

    303 candidate :D :D

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