May, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Two great Vista posts



    I enjoyed Matt’s recent blog post on “The Vista Schoolyard Bullies” where he analyses some of the Mac/PC propaganda and provides some very good thoughts on why Vista gets a rough ride. I’m not saying you should all switch to Vista immediately but for a dose of reality about some of the negative media Matt’s posts is as good as I have read. He puts forward one intriguing question that got me thinking when he compared it to Vista users:


    how many Apple users do you know that own a 3 year old Mac, and install Leopard on it?


    That was followed by an excellent post form Josh on Looking for Windows Vista Performance Issues which made me smile a lot. I’m a real tweak freak when it comes to my PC – always on the lookout for ways to squeeze out some more performance in any area. Let me say straight off that what Josh covers isn’t for your average PC user and they really shouldn’t have to care about this kind of stuff but in the era of crapware and poor system resource programming there are some great tips that remind me of my own Vista tweaking. xbootmgr is new to me though so I’m off to play with that given Josh says he got almost 30 seconds improvement in shutdown time from using it.

    Nice writing guys. I enjoyed it a lot and learnt some good new info.

  • Steve Clayton

    Live Mesh – learn more



    In my hast to get playing with Live Mesh (and blogging about it) I overlooked the screencasts the team has made available. I foolishly went back and asked them this week if they could do some screencasts to help me share with people who aren’t on the Tech Preview what the excitement is all about. This is definitely a product where seeing is way easier than hearing. When you demo it, the penny really drops for people as to why they want it.

    The product team came back and asked me what I needed beyond the screencasts they had already posted. Already posted??? Yep, mosey on over to the Learn More section of the Mesh site and you’ll find 4 Silverlight delivered screencasts.


    1. See "devices working together" in action
    2. See "anywhere access" in action
    3. See "simple to share" in action
    4. See "stay informed" in action

    Watched ‘em all? Tick….the next phase in your Live Mesh education is Behind Live Mesh: How we run cloud services

  • Steve Clayton

    CSI goes Photosynth


    Amidst all the “cool cats” using MacBook Pro’s on TV shows we get a look in with one of the coolest technologies coming out of Live Labs. Photosynth is to make its way on to the TV screens in the US this week in an episode of CSI:NY

    “Forensic scientists for the New York police attempt to recreate the crime scene by uploading hundreds of camera phone thumbnail photos snapped at the dance onto a computer.

    The PC screen fills up in a concentric square pattern, revealing a wide shot of the gym at the center. Investigators can manipulate the images to show close-ups of the scene from every angle.

    This episode of the CBS crime drama CSI: NY, scheduled to run Wednesday night, is fiction. But the technology at its core, Microsoft's Photosynth software, is real. It analyses scores of images for similarities and stitches them into a three-dimensional reconstruction"

    I will be doing a demo of this technology (not forensics mind) at the Thinking Digital conference later this month.

    Courtesy of USA Today

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