May, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Twitter by Machiavelli



    Next time Twitter is down (it was briefly when I originally wrote this) entertain yourself with twitterbymachiavelli

    Here is one categorisation he makes to whet your appetite


    FamilyTweeters: These are folks (like myself) who Twitter about the most mundane of family related issues. We’re usually (mistakenly) convinced there drama and engagingness in silly comments like “Just changed a diaper,” or “Back from Childcare.”  Nicola warns me that family tweets will decrease the more my Twitter network grows.

  • Steve Clayton

    Cloud Computing in one graph




    Wow…that one steep curve AWS is on and whilst you can’t draw definitive conclusions just from that data, it’s another useful asset to point to the change in computing – and book companies.

    James Hamilton offers his usual insight and this part caught my attention regarding Animoto’s use of AWS


    They went from roughly 50 servers to needing more than 3,500 in three days. Imagine having to predict growth and get servers racked, stacked and online in time to meet the growth.  Nearly impossible.


    Imagine phoning up Dell or HP and saying hey I need ~3500 servers in 3 days up and running in my office please. I’m sure they’d love to sell them to you but doubt they have that kind of stock readily available or indeed the logistics to ship and setup in that time. The New York Times covered this in more detail today and gets a hat tip simply for using the phrase “willy nilly”.

  • Steve Clayton

    In Google We Trust


    I don’t normally discuss Google stuff on this blog but after reading The Sunday Times today and some comments made my Larry Page I couldnt’t resist. This is the one I had to re-read to assure myself he did just say that…


    “One of the big assets we have is a big consumer brand,” added Page. “It is very clear that our users are everybody and that is who we are answerable to. We need you all to trust us or else we have no business.”


    Oh I see, it’s our duty as a consumer to keep you in business and to do that we have to trust you? Right. Gotcha.

    You may say people in glass houses etc etc but I found this a remarkable comment for it’s audacity. Google is coming in for a fair bit of criticism lately and that remark may well come back to haunt them. As for being answerable to their users I wonder what their shareholders would say about that?

    The rest of the article is actually a very good read about the search monopoly and lack of regulation of Internet companies. Mike Arrington is involved in a related ding-dong with Tim O’Reilly and others today.

  • Steve Clayton

    Dell makes $500k a year off Twitter



    That’s what BusinessWeek says according to Dell employee Ggroovin who says on his Twitter page he "works at Dell, created @DellOutlet & help w/ Dell's Twitter strategy”. Groovin indeed!

    Half a mil…nice. I bet Twitter wishes it was getting a slice of that pie.

    The whole article (Beyond Blogs) is actually a good read with folks like JP Rangaswami and Steve Rubel quoted and parting shots from Jeff Jarvis and Arianna Huffington.

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft makes a 216megapixel camera



    I just learnt this from Mark Brown's Virtual Earth Blog. It turns out the cameras we use for Virtual Earth 3D models known as the UltraCam are manufactured by Microsoft. Get your head around this Engadget


    216 mega-pixels with a panchromatic image size of 14,430 x 9,420 pixels, capturing data at over 3 GBits/sec, 13 CCD's - 7 pan and 4 color (RGB + Near IR) and 14 CPU's to process the raw images and data in real-time. The data units for the camera hold 1.7TB, enough for about 4,700 images. Since they are swappable the only limitation to how much imagery you can collect is how big your aircraft is to hold these units.


    You can get the full tech specs online at the Ultracam site and like Mark, I’m going to add one to my Christmas list and then see if I can borrow a friends jet for a day or two :) I didn’t see a BUY NOW button on that site though. Hmmm.

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