May, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Live Mesh On Sky News



    Sky News got a nice scoop I was alerted to earlier today – a demo of Live Mesh from the Thinking Digital conference held last week in Newcastle/Gateshead. I was alerted to the brief spot by my mother…the reason for which will become apparent when you watch the video :)

    Live Mesh demo starts at about 2:37 in to the clip.

  • Steve Clayton

    In Google We Trust


    I don’t normally discuss Google stuff on this blog but after reading The Sunday Times today and some comments made my Larry Page I couldnt’t resist. This is the one I had to re-read to assure myself he did just say that…


    “One of the big assets we have is a big consumer brand,” added Page. “It is very clear that our users are everybody and that is who we are answerable to. We need you all to trust us or else we have no business.”


    Oh I see, it’s our duty as a consumer to keep you in business and to do that we have to trust you? Right. Gotcha.

    You may say people in glass houses etc etc but I found this a remarkable comment for it’s audacity. Google is coming in for a fair bit of criticism lately and that remark may well come back to haunt them. As for being answerable to their users I wonder what their shareholders would say about that?

    The rest of the article is actually a very good read about the search monopoly and lack of regulation of Internet companies. Mike Arrington is involved in a related ding-dong with Tim O’Reilly and others today.

  • Steve Clayton

    Thinking Digital: Mark You Calendar



    I just wrote an email to Herb Kim and the team at Codeworks to congratulate them on a fantastic event last week in Newcastle. I sincerely hope it was the first of many Thinking Digital events.

    As I said to Herb in my email, in over 10 years at Microsoft that was one of the most professional and enjoyable events I’ve been involved in. The venue was first class, the speaker line-up probably the best in the UK this year and the whole thing just felt like a family event – everyone was accessible and there was great energy. Sure there were things that could have been better (food/power) but these are just teething issues. The key for me was the range and quality of speakers. Where else would you see

    thanks too to Ian Forrester for recording and posting all of these so quickly. You can also see my talk though the event video will likely be more useful as you’ll get to see the demos which are way more interesting than simply listening to me jabber on.

    When the dates for Thinking Digital are announced next year they’ll go straight in to my diary. I’d recommend you do the same and if you can, try to bag a speaking slot (Hugh, Scoble etc).

  • Steve Clayton

    May I have your vote?


    Nominate me in
    Company Blog


    Computer Weekly actually has me listed in their Programming and development but I think my blog fits better under their Company Blog category or even Web 2.0 and Business - not least as some of the Programming and Development blogs deserve that accolade way more than I do!

    Anyway, if you have a moment to vote for me I’d really appreciate it :)

    [update] many thanks to the Computer Weekly folks who have now officially moved me to company blogs.

    PS. We've moved Steve Clayton - Geek in Disguise to the Company blogs category following suggestions made by him and the readers who have nominated him so far!

  • Steve Clayton

    Mr Clayton, you have the Con



    The DVI cable saga is over and Mission Control has now arrived at Chez Clayton. Productivity is at an all time high. Seriously, how I lived without dual monitors I will never know.

    [update] for those curious. the taskbar stretches across the screen thanks to a Matrox DualHead2Go Digital unit. And thanks to Thomas Hawk for the awesome Golden Gate Bridge photo that does the monitorscape justice!

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