May, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Quotes #5



    I switched on the TV last night and in desperation at the paucity of content I turned to watch The Duchess in Hull – with very low hopes for any other than an ex Royal doing a cheap PR stunt. It may well turn out to be that but I has to rethink my perceptions of Sarah Ferguson. Expecting an aloof Royal nutjob she came across as thoughtful, humble and pretty streetwise.

    I was feeling a bit down last night and she stopped me in my tracks with this quote she attributed to her grandmother:

    When in doubt and you feel bad about yourself, go and give to others


    It made me think. A lot.

  • Steve Clayton

    Dell makes $500k a year off Twitter



    That’s what BusinessWeek says according to Dell employee Ggroovin who says on his Twitter page he "works at Dell, created @DellOutlet & help w/ Dell's Twitter strategy”. Groovin indeed!

    Half a mil…nice. I bet Twitter wishes it was getting a slice of that pie.

    The whole article (Beyond Blogs) is actually a good read with folks like JP Rangaswami and Steve Rubel quoted and parting shots from Jeff Jarvis and Arianna Huffington.

  • Steve Clayton

    Hoping for Havaianas Weekend


    an explosion of colour from Havaianas

  • Steve Clayton

    Mr Clayton, you have the Con



    The DVI cable saga is over and Mission Control has now arrived at Chez Clayton. Productivity is at an all time high. Seriously, how I lived without dual monitors I will never know.

    [update] for those curious. the taskbar stretches across the screen thanks to a Matrox DualHead2Go Digital unit. And thanks to Thomas Hawk for the awesome Golden Gate Bridge photo that does the monitorscape justice!

  • Steve Clayton

    Speed up Outlook



    I came across this great little factsheet: Speed up Outlook 2007 - performance tips earlier this year and have shared it with quite a few friends. People grumble to me that they boot up their machine, start Outlook and then wander off for coffee as it takes anywhere up to 5 minutes to load Outlook. They’re amazed when I say I’m up and running in less than 60 seconds from power on. When I say up and running with Outlook they look like cardiac arrest is imminent. HOW???

    Pretty simple really – stop using Outlook as your file store :) Seriously, there are a number of ways to speed up Outlook but in my experience top of the pile is keep your data (i.e. your PST’s) lean and mean. Whether it’s manual pruning or using the built in archive tools, you’d be amazed how much difference it makes if your PST is under 1gb and astonished if under 500mb. I’m an email hoarder but now prune and automatically with the archive tools.

    Read more at Office Online or grab the tipsheet above. I promise you’ll thank me for it :)

    NB – most of the tips here work just as well for Outlook 2003 as they do for 2007

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