July, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    The "Mojave Experiment" is live



    The "Mojave Experiment" – I’m impressed. So were they.

    Be sure to click on “You can’t please everyone” and check out The Facts

  • Steve Clayton

    Ballmer scores a 9


    With all the chatter about Steve Jobs and his call to the New York Times there are increasing comparisons being made between Apple PR and Microsoft PR. It’s quite good fun to watch and when Dan Lyons asked what would happen if Ballmer did something similar it made me think of an article a read a day earlier about Steve. Ballmer that is.

    It was in The Sunday Times who ran a front page piece about the Financial Analyst Meeting (FAM) we had last week and questioned whether Microsoft really had what it takes to make a dent in the online world and against Google in particular. Nothing unusual about that but one part caught my imagination. It was this

    During the presentations, the audience was asked to rank the speakers on what sort of job they did. Microsoft weren’t giving out the score cards but a straw poll gave Ballmer a nine. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And they don’t get a lot tougher than Ballmer.


    Now lets be clear, if we were comparing a Steve Jobs WWDC keynote to Steve at FAM it would be unfair as the topics are quite different but regardless, Mr Jobs would always win hands down on presenting over SteveB. Don’t get  me wrong, I’m not saying SteveB isn’t a great presenter – more that Steve Jobs is an amazing presenter. In fact I don’t know anyone who would beat Steve Jobs on a presenting scorecard. Of course, that isn't my point.

    My point is that lots of the people who have a pop at Steve Ballmer do so without any real insight in to him. I’ve seen him present probably 50 times now and he’s outstanding. Sure he runs around, does that monkey boy thing the detractors love to laugh at, bleh, bleh – but I’ve never left a Steve Ballmer presentation disappointed. That’s not sycophantic nonsense, it’s just the truth. He’s larger than life and bleeds Microsoft but you underestimate him at your peril. He’s a force of nature and defines tenacity. As The Times alludes to, I think he’s as ready as ever for the online fight.

  • Steve Clayton

    Online Advertising Business 101



    [kudos to UrbanTextures for the image]

    Microsoft has stated it’s ambitions to be a big player in the world of online advertising and in my quest to stay abreast of all things new and technical I’ve tried to keep up to speed with this business. It’s hard though – there is a whole new language where terms like inventory, agency and publisher are used a lot and seemingly interchangeably at times. Fortunately Microsoft is full of smart folks and in Ian Thomas I have a pal who “gets” this industry. I spent some time with him recently and he explained the minefield of terms in a simple, elegant way. Even better, he did a series of posts about it on his blog Online Advertising Business 101

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    Nike Never


    Originally I wasn’t a Tiger fan but you can’t help be impressed by this guy. Like Mike he’s dedicated to be the best. Not a bad role model.

  • Steve Clayton

    Apple almost blogging about MobileMe


    [image credit – Engadget]

    I just read on Twitter that Apple is blogging – with Steve Jobs apparently asking one of his staff to post daily about the MobileMe debacle. I was about to welcome them in to the warm blogging waters but one thing is missing from this “blog” – no ability to comment.

    Shame really as I’d love to see some of their customer comments – you can get a sense over at Engadget though.

    I know….maybe I could go shoot a video though – Mojave style – asking what people think of MobileMe? If I really wanted to have some fun I’d shoot a video “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC style” with MobileMe and LiveMesh. Oh but they’re not the same thing….tempting all the same. Meanwhile, Windows Live just works. For several hundred million users – for free.

    Seriously though, as I’ve said before this cloud computing stuff is very, very hard – especially when you want to do it at scale and especially when you want to charge someone for it. Google do a great job with free services like GMail and we do pretty well too with Hotmail, Messenger and others. When the financial analysts asks why we’re sinking money in to online services and vast capital outlay in datacentres and their efficient operation, this is why.

    [update 1] Last100 does a pretty good job of rounding up the feeling from the blogosphere and tech reporters.

    Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt asks the question, “Who is to blame for MobileMe?” calling it “Apple’s worst product launch in the 10 years since Jobs returned from exile.”


    [update 2]

    Just noticed  new follower on Twitter is a MobileMe engineer. I get the feeling I’m being watched.

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