July, 2008

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    Vista Mojave teaser




  • Steve Clayton

    Are all clouds created equal?


    image credit - New York Times


    Everything it getting cloudy at the moment – right in the middle of our UK summer too. Fortunately it’s not affecting the weather here today at TVP towers (our UK HQ).  Network World highlighted some of the issue in their post on Cloud computing's dark side examined and one in particular interested me – data location.

    In the era of massively distributed Internet clouds, how important is it that you know where your data is? My Flickr photos – frankly I don’t care if they’re on a server in Dublin, California or Timbuktu as long as I can access them anytime, any place. If you’re a business customer you may care more though. If you’re a government you care a lot and it’s something we think about here at Microsoft.

    As we rollout Microsoft Online Services this becomes a crucial factor especially when you begin to delve in to the laws and regulations of each country and how they implement data privacy.

    What’s my point here? My point is that all clouds are not made equal and it’s not a simple thing to flip from being a consumer cloud vendor to an enterprise cloud vendor. The rules and expectations are very different. Flipping the other way, enterprise to consumer is a damn sight easier I’d say.

    I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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    More Clouds on the Horizon


    another fun cloud cartoon and accompanying blog post from Brandon Watson

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    Ray Ozzie & Rick Sherlund



    Welcome to Mr Pattern Matcher.

    At around 22 mins in to Ray’s talk at FAM today he gets a great question from Rick Sherlund – check out the smile on Ray’s face when he answers. He seems kinda pleased to be able to answers all the nuances of Rick’s question. It’s also clear that Ray loves dialogue much more than presenting.

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    The Clouds Are Clearing



    A slide from Steve Ballmer’s FAM presentation. Me like :)

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