MobileMe sneaks in to Vista

MobileMe sneaks in to Vista

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I was making some changes this week in Control Panel and my machine and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that new entry at the bottom – Apple’s MobileMe. Where the hell did that come from? Where else…iTunes. I got prompted to install a new version of iTunes last week (I use Nike+) so given Apple uses iTunes for MobileMe I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Needless to say, I didn’t sign up :)

  • Steve,

    You should give it a try. Right now I'm syncing my Outlook 2007 contacts and calendar with my iPhone as well as my MacBook. Changes on one are reflected in all others. For those of us not (yet) using Exchange, it's a great service for only $99 per year. And it's really MSFT ActiveSync technology under the covers.


  • It has been added in Windows XP Pro.

  • I may never believes my eyes when seeing mobileme was one of the startup items....

  • I wish I could uninstall the damn thing. I'm not going to use it at all.

  • Its been there ever since iTunes updated to 7.7 and I noticed it last week.

  • This hacks me right off.

    I'm no Apple hater, but please. Over the last year iTunes and Quicktime have annoyed me with the crapware which runs on startup. Then's there was the rather naughty bundling of Safari for Windows with iTunes downloads and now stealth Mobile Me craplet install?

    Apple is getting more and more cocky these days.  Why oh why aren't consumers rebelling against this?  

  • Because only a few of us consumers really bother. Why do you think there's a bunch of people with spyware and viruses on their pcs? Because they won't bother, even if they knew about it. They should all be having a mac, really...

  • Devo, of nailed it. lets all get mac's and then see if the virus writers target that platform when it reaches widespread use.

  • Jeff, so what you're saying is that one should pay $99 a year for a service that are really free for most of us? Atleast if you own a Windows Mobile and or newer Nokia phones.. If Apple charge you that much for doing the same thing, using the same protocol, then they're screwing you!

    Not good enough for me!

  • Geir L K  : what apple provides with mobileme is the server side... And I don't think that neither Nokia nor MS provide it freely, so you're telling crap...

    With an iPhone (with OS 2.0) you can connect to Exchange freely in a way better way than what you have with a symbian or even WinMobile device... MobileMe is just there for people that don't have exchange, or use it only at work & want a nice push alternative for their personal devices.

  • Could we get back to the "real" question: Why is Apple held to a "different standard" than other companies?

    1) Mac fans have NO problem when Apple installs software like this without notice.

    2) Mac fans were NOT “up in arms” when Apple began (stealthily) pushing their Safari web browser within a QuickTime update.

    3) Mac fans have NO problem that Google is Apple’s “default” browser – with no convenient method of selecting an alternative browser.

    Microsoft would be blasted in the media and blogs if they behaved in a similar manner.

    Blake Handler

    Microsoft MVP

    "The Road to Know Where"

  • @Blake Handler - Is that a rhetorical question?  Because the alternative question is also valid - why is MSFT held to a "different standard" than other companies?  And why would MSFT/Windows or Office "fans" are too paranoid even if they were fans of MSFT/Windows/Office...

    @Steve - It was a long-time coming: Mac systems accelerating in terms of sales versus HP, Dell; Vista not as highly-received as MSFT wanted - and "we'd rather wait for the next one, thank you"; iPod, iPhone, iTunes... ...; and of course, iTunes (and Safari) having crossed over to the 'mainstream' and into Windows OS.  

  • "Apple is getting more and more cocky these days.  Why oh why aren't consumers rebelling against this?  "

    I agree on the cockyness, but where is the rebelling against Vista ?  Cuz Vista really is annoyoing for LOTS pf people.

  • Really is that a big problem. Was it to much for your brain to comprehend. Are you really so nazy about your VISTA CONTROL PANEL. Why is not anyone angry at symantec or nvidia who adds their little pesky buttons in the holy windows control panel.

  • Thor, the difference between Apple installing a MobileMe control panel and Symantec or nVidia doing it is they don't do it for software you don't actually have.

    The MobileMe ad gets installed in your Control Panel even if you have no possible interest in Mobile Me. And that's pretty much the definition of Malware.

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