August, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Engineer accidentally deletes cloud



    We’ve all done it – that’s what the recycle bin is for right? But deleting a whole “cloud”?

    You have to hand it to The Register for their headlines alone - Engineer accidentally deletes cloud. To be fair to XCalibre they held their hands up and admitted the mistake which some of the larger cloud computing players can learn from – transparency is going to be crucial to build the reputation of the cloud as a way to do business. As are lots of data centers!

    On the former, credit to Google for doing as they said they would given recent Google Apps downtime – giving SLA credits. Whether that is what customers want is another question but in the transparency front, they also promised to create a dashboard to allow customers to monitor incidents and their estimated times of resolution.

    We all have lots to learn as this new computing shift takes hold.

    Hat tip to Mark T

  • Steve Clayton

    HP TouchSmart Advert – not quite viral


    Wow…beautiful ad but they missed an opportunity here – notice I had to go find this on YouTube to share it with you? Like many other big corporate they didn’t have “embed video” code on their own site where this video resides. Crazy….if you have cool stuff, the #1 rule on the web is help people share it for you. That’s what makes a viral video, not a “share” link that only allows me to spam my friends with an email link to your site.

    10/10 for the ad, 1/10 for the ability to share.

  • Steve Clayton

    Cyber Clean


    Reminds me of PlayDoh (one of my most original nicknames at school was ClayDoh). Gotta get me some of this when I’m in the US next week doh.

    Hat tip to Swiss-Miss

  • Steve Clayton

    Banking on IE8



    I wasn’t really surprised to get the message below when browsing to my online bank site today – it happened in IE8 beta 1 too.


    The Internet browser you are using is not supported by online banking. Use the link below to see the complete list of browsers we support.


    We had compatibility mode in IE8 beta 1 of course but from memory this only worked for ALL sites. I looked for this in Beta 2 and noticed you can switch it on for selected sites domains and not have to restart your browser. Very cool and worked a treat for my bank!

    Another reason I’m leaning towards removing Firefox but for now it stays – and to be honest probably will for a good while as I’ve always found it useful to have both to work around the kinks of the Internet.


    NB: per the strikethrough up there I originally thought this worked on a site by site basis but it seems to be domain based. Shame but still useful! Google is in there for me as Google Reader doesn’t render well in IE8 beta 2.

  • Steve Clayton

    Unilever staff use Facebook



    So what? Big deal right? We all use it right?

    Not so. A lot of organisations are blocking their employees access to Facebook and other sites and services like Instant Messaging, Skype and iTunes. They’re deemed a time waster, security risk or both.

    I saw this first hand at a friends house last weekend when I wanted to show them the cool new website. That site requires Flash and my friends PC was locked down and we couldn’t install it. Rats…as my mother would say!

    I totally understand why companies want to lock their machines down but it’s going to become harder and harder as the Gen Y workforce takes hold. I was reminded of this whilst reading Go Ahead, Use Facebook in BusinessWeek.


    At Unilever, half of the desktop software and services used by employees comes from outside the company, and a lot of it shouldn't be there—Skype and iTunes, to name just a couple. "We can't stop them," says Chris Turner, Unilever's chief technology officer. "They're not accepting no as an answer."


    Not what many want to hear but I’m a firm believer in allowing access – my friends who have locked down systems come home and just don’t use their computers. It’s too hard for them and they less computer savvy because of it. It’s creating another digital divide IMHO.

    Good on Unilever for taking the initiative.

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