August, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    What I like about Mozilla


    [Photo: Brigitte Sire]

    Apart from the fact they have a great browser that has re-ignited (for the good) the browser wars, their CEO seems to be a very smart guy – shouldn’t be a surprise I know but I really enjoyed his interview with in Wired. He gives some great, straight up answers to common questions that are thrown at Microsoft too. We could learn a lot from this rather than longwinded spun answers at times…


    Lilly: It's an aesthetic. Apple is great if you like the way it comes. Firefox is great if you like to customize things. The focus is on how it lets you do what you want, not how it looks

    Wired: Does the browser still matter now that users access the Net with different, non-browser- dependent devices, like's Kindle?

    Lilly: That's a bogus argument. People have been saying for 10 or 15 years that the PC is dead. Even with a good mobile device, I'll sit at my laptop when I'm near it because it's a better experience.

  • Steve Clayton

    Nike Courage


    these guys STILL make the best commercials on the planet.

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Ads #13


    I love their ads almost as much as I love The Black Stuff

  • Steve Clayton

    Social Programming


    Hat tip to Geek and Poke – I hope to see this at the PDC :)

  • Steve Clayton

    IBM “foreshadows” Microsoft Online


    Foreshadow is the word du jour it seems with Mary Jo Foley and Joe Wilcox both using it this week.

    Meantime, back in 1975 IBM “foreshadowed” our Microsoft Online service it seems. That’s some long lead foreshadowing there….well, not really but it could almost be the case with scenes from an IBM slide presentation.

    And you thought Mojave was cool eh? They even got a photo of the Microsoft Online team discussing the new campaign. Hilarious. If these aren’t in cubicles in Redmond next time I’m out there I’ll eat my shadow.

    Tip of the Fez to SwissMiss

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